Domaine Pierre Gaillard
Côte Rôtie - Rose Pourpre 2017 - Rouge

Vallée du Rhône, Côte-Rôtie

Domaine Pierre Gaillard - Côte Rôtie - Rose Pourpre

Perfect on all the line, an eminence of beauty, the precision of the great opera singers!

The word of the Winemaker, :

Powerful, refined and long-lasting. From the Côte Rozier plot, on the slopes of Ampuis.

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Wine information

  • Domain : Domaine Pierre Gaillard
  • Year : 2017
  • Region : Vallée du Rhône
  • Appellation : Côte-Rôtie
  • Classifications : Agriculture raisonnée - Agriculture Raisonné - Sans certification
  • Alcoholic degree : 12.5%
  • Grape : 100% Syrah
  • Soil : Côte Brune, schistes riches en oxyde de fer


When ?

It is recommended to keep it for at least 3 years in the cellar. Can be kept for 15 years or more!

How ?

Kobe Beef - Wagyu satay

The Wine Estate

Pierre Gaillard's vines are located on steeply sloping soils that plunge into the Rhône. As you may have guessed, we are in Condrieu and Côte Rôtie. This part of the Rhône valley being famous for its impressive gradients, settling in Malleval was an obvious choice for Pierre, who is passionate about sloping vines. Not predestined to become a winegrower, this lover of the vine and various terroirs has settled along the Rhône on 25 hectares.




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