Domaine Vaquer
Hors d'age Ambré Non-millésimé - Blanc

Roussillon, Rivesaltes

Domaine Vaquer - Hors d'age Ambré

It is a sweet wine but with a drier, more nervous balance, and an incredible aromatic richness where grilled and roasted wines mix with curry, marzipan, liquorice, a touch of candied orange and a nutty finish... You must avoid breaking in the aromatic "chain". The spirit of the first vintage is still present, it "educates" its offspring.

The word of the Winemaker, :

Sweet wine made in Solera. This breeding method is translated from Spanish into "soil" which refers to the lowest part of the tank. Each time wine is racked, the vat must be completed with a younger, but still about ten years old, rivesaltes. The heart of the tank....

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Wine information

  • Domain : Domaine Vaquer
  • Year : Non-millésimé
  • Region : Roussillon
  • Appellation : Rivesaltes
  • Alcoholic degree : 17%
  • Grape : Macabeu, Grenaches Blanc et Gris
  • Soil : Argilo-Siliceux-caillouteux


RVF 17,5/20 RVF 17,5/20
Sublimes arômes d'agrumes confits.


When ?

At the end of a meal with friends, at a time when we are remaking the world...

How ?

It is a wine that goes perfectly with all blue cheeses: Roquefort ,Fourme or other Bleus. As an aperitif try a fine Roquefort and pear paste: a treat!

The Wine Estate

You have to be a good person to be a good winegrower. Frédérique gives herself to you through her wines, which you must know how to "listen" to. She knows her estate inside out and vibrates for her grapes according to the winds and climate. His favourite vintage: "Expression" guaranteed 100% Carignan! This straight, long wine with fine tannins reveals notes of stone fruits and undergrowth...




Une decouverte gustative extraordinaire. A partager avec sur un plateau de fromage


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