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Les Grappes Oenotourisme goes to meet Dominique Gruhier, winegrower in Epineuil in Burgundy

  • Can you introduce us to your domain, Domaine Dominique Gruhier?

Dominique Gruhier: We are in Burgundy, in Yonne and more particularly in Tonnerrois. Our estate extends over 27 hectares around a superb "Cistercian barn" (outbuilding of the Abbey) founded in 1212. We produce organic wines in the process of being certified for the AOC Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru, Bourgogne Tonnerre, Bourgogne Epineuil and Crémant de Bourgogne.

  • Your estate is located in the Tonnerois region, what are the characteristics of this region and the particularities of your wines within the Tonnerois?

D.G : Indeed, the Tonnerrois has its own characteristics. The vines are rooted in Jurassic geological layers that give the wines a unique minerality and the clays give them a beautiful roundness. The white wines of Tonnerre are both fresh and gourmet, with exotic and floral aromas. The red wines of Epineuil are very delicate, fruity but with characteristic notes of finely smoky and floral spices. They are very digestible.

"My childhood smelled like cellars and bottoms"

Dominique Gruhier Abbaye Petit Quincy Chablis Tonnerre œnotourisme

Dominique (left) showing her vines

  • How did you become a winegrower?

D.G: My maternal grandfather was a wine merchant in Côte d'Or as well as two of my uncles. In other words, my childhood smelled like cellars and bottoms. After studying mechanical engineering, I wanted to know more about this profession and it was a revelation. After obtaining a BTS I had the opportunity to settle with my father on the Epineuil lands where we have since settled.

  • What has wine taught you in life?

D.G: Humility, patience, detachment, the pleasure of sharing but also the delicate coexistence between culture and nature.

  • A winegrower who inspires you?

D.G: More like winegrowers: Sylvain Pataille for his uncompromising investment and his delicious wines, Lalou Bize-Leroy for his daring and totally innovative culture, Thomas Picot for his mastery of minerality and many others. And all those who have wines that vibrate...

  • Your vision of wine in three words?

D.G: Pleasure, surprise, conviviality.

  • Your favorite food and wine pairing?

D.G: Cheese and wine without hesitation.

  • Your favorite wine?

D.G: There is not one in particular but rather a family that is that of the red Burgundies.

Our favorite vintages of the estate:

Burgundy Rosé Epineuil Capucine 2017

Crémants Bourgogne 2016

Burgundy Epineuil Cote de Grisey 2017

"The meeting and the exchange"

Dominique Gruhier Abbaye Petit Quincy Chablis Tonnerre œnotourisme

Wine and conviviality at Petit Quincy Abbey

  • You offer many wine discovery activities in your domain. What are these wine tourism offers?

D.G : Visit and tasting, introduction to tasting, winegrower for a day (discovery of the profession), cooking lessons...

  • What do you appreciate most when you receive amateurs directly at home in your domain (via Lesgrappes.com)?

D.G: The meeting and the exchange.

  • The last word is for you...

D.G: Health, happiness!

Passing through the Chablis and Thunder region? Feel free to come and taste Dominique Gruhier's wines by booking your visit to the estate directly on the Domaine Dominique Gruhier page on Les Grappes Oenotourisme

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