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After 35 years at the head of one of the largest French companies specialising in cashmere, Eric Bompard decided to turn the page and embark on a new adventure, wine!

Start from scratch!

5 years after acquiring a winery, Eric gradually began the transition. He embarked on his project in 2016, with a little fear at first but to achieve real success today.
His desire was to become a student again, start from scratch in an area that was unknown to him and create a new project! His attraction has focused on wine since for him "vines need precision work", it is not only necessary to respect the environment but also to manage its risks.

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A key word: organization

For Eric, the key word is organization, you have to use the right resources at the right time. Not having a massive domain, each person has his or her role to play, and that's why Eric wanted, from the beginning, to create a team cohesion so that everyone can contribute to the building.

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Why did you choose the south? The diversity of soils and grape varieties, a great learning curve to climb, and a total change of atmosphere! His choice was therefore made for Bergerie d'Aquino, a 10 hectare estate located on the Varois hillsides in Provence where Eric grows a multitude of local varieties such as Mourvèdre, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Rolle ! All of them, certified in AOP! Eric is constantly looking for ways to improve his wines and is currently looking for a new grape variety to increase the aromatic range of his wines.

On her estate, Syrah is queen with some feet over 40 years old! Thanks to this grape variety, he currently offers 2 vintages. Its first is the Star, available in red, white and pink. It represents the perfect identity of the terroir and the vintages are worked with the aim of offering unique wines!

Its second flagship vintage, La Bergerie en rouge et blanc, comes from the best plots, aged in barrels with excellent ageing potential! For this purpose, he is accompanied by Laure, his oenologist, who accompanies him throughout the winemaking process.

A switch to organic in 2019!

In order to respect the land and what it brings, Eric has decided to convert very quickly to organic farming, and the outcome of this work is coming to an end since his 2019 harvest will be officially certified organic! It is also in a concern for respect for nature that the estate has about ten hectares of virgin forest, and for Eric, no way to touch it! The 2018 harvest was excellent and Eric is optimistic about the quality of the final result. "We do a little jewellery work; since we can't produce in large quantities, we have to be even more careful about the quality of our wines, as for example for our rosé! »

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Eric is very forward-looking: "I don't limit myself to the next harvest! "For him it is a constant discussion with his teams to develop the estate as well as possible through every aspect of the work, whether it is the vine or the wine.

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