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The Fabre Family has been living in Languedoc for generations. Each of them has affixed its mark on the Languedoc terroir. Louis Fabre was for a long time the captain of the entire family crew. By keeping the best of the past and experiencing the future, he has given an impetus, dynamism and work philosophy that benefit the 5 family properties. Today, Clémence and Jeanne, her twin daughters, and Paule, their cousin, are preparing to take over. With the arrival of a new château and a new appellation in the family circle, this revival certainly promises beautiful wines to be enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere.

@Famille Fabre
Fabre Family

The Fabre Family: one of the oldest winegrowing families in the Languedoc appellations.

Their names are Claire, Louis, Clémence, Jeanne and Paule. These first names resonate in our heads when we talk about the Fabre Family: a historical family in Languedoc. Louis has been the conductor since 1982. A nature lover, he converted the entire vineyard to organic farming, obtaining Ecocert certification in 1992, then HVE level 3 in 2014.

Thanks to several properties, five in total, the range of wines is very varied, just like the beautiful Languedoc region. For example, Château Fabre Gasparets allows the family to produce AOC Cobières-Boutenac wines; an exceptional vintage that gives rise to concentrated, rich and delicate wines for ageing. As for Luc's Castle, it is located in the heart of the Cathar country; Louis and his wife settled there more than 30 years ago, when their eldest daughters were born. Most of the wines produced here are AOC Corbières wines with the "Les Jumelles" range; 3 vintages produced in homage to Clémence and Jeanne (available on our online shop). Today it is in "Luc" that the family welcomes wine tourists in search of discoveries. Finally, Château Coulon (Cruscades), Domaine Grande Courtade (Béziers) and Château La Tour de Rieux (Rieux) complete the family's range of terroirs and AOCs by allowing the production of IGP Pays d'Oc and AOC Minervois.

The winegrowers of the Fabre Family: between modernity and tradition

@Famille Fabre
Fabre Family

Louis is the emblematic figure of this family of winegrowers: curious scientist, but also passionate about poetry and history: he strives to preserve the heritage received from the family heritage. History, family and transmission are at the heart of the company's work and know-how on a human scale. At Château de Luc you will find a very small room, a real museum that testifies to the importance given to the past... "We have many inventors in the family: my great-grandfather created a colorimeter. He also designed the "Wagonnets": small rail cars that still allow us to transport the harvest to the tank without damaging the bunches. In 2016, we released two IGP Pays d'Oc in tribute to this beautiful invention," says Jeanne Fabre. Louis is keen to pass on this DNA to his daughters, who are gradually taking over the reins of the family business. Jeanne tells us: "Technology is like a stained glass window that lets the sunlight through. It must make it possible to enhance and sublimate the taste of the terroir and the grapes in the wine and not hide it and thus standardise the bottles. »

With the help of its two oenologists, Stéphane Yerle and Bernard Rehs, the Fabre Family is open to innovation and enthusiastically embarks on various experiments. The latest one? The use of polymer eggs for the ageing of red wines is currently being tested.

The energy and enthusiasm of the new generation

Louis gradually passed the torch on to the next generation: Clémence, Jeanne and Paule, Louis' daughters and niece respectively, have returned to their roots to resume family work. After their studies, beautiful travels and various experiences in the world of work, they return, motivated, full of energy and will on the family land.

Clémence, based in Hong Kong, is in charge of developing exports on the Asian market. Jeanne wants to promote wine tourism at Château de Luc and, in the Corbières in general, after an exciting professional experience in South America. Finally, Paule, after returning from England, decided to put her stone in the building by taking care of the accounting part. Every day, Louis passes on the keys, skills, secrets and his work philosophy to them before he can retire and let the girls "sail" alone.

@Famille Fabre
Fabre Family

The youngest member of the family: Château La Tour de Rieux

Jeanne, Clémence and Paule will inherit 5 properties including Château La Tour de Rieux, which has just recently joined the list of castles and AOCs worked by the Fabre Family. "The Minervois Adventure" begins with the gradual restoration of the vineyard. Today, about ten hectares of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah can be exploited. Faithful to their convictions and their vision of wine, the Fabre family takes the time to learn, understand, know and discover all the potential that these new lands offer. The 2016 vintage is the first to offer a cuvée in AOC Minervois, bearing the pretty name of "Bergerie de Rieux". Obviously, the family's projects do not stop there and we strongly invite you to follow them very closely!

Contact :

Address: 1, rue du Château 11 200 Luc sur Orbieu

Website: https://www.famillefabre.com/

Facebook: family made winegrowers since 1605 great wines of the Languedoc region

Instagram : FamilyFabre

Email: info@famille-fabre.com

Manon Mouly (for Les Grappes)

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