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It's official: he's doing BEAU!

With the blue sky and the arrival of the sunny days, everyone has only one desire: to sit on the terrace to enjoy the first rays of the sun and a glass of rosé wine (with ice cubes).

The terrace being a real asset to increase its turnover, we looked into the subject. In this dossier you will find the legal constraints, our rosé wines, the inspirations of the most beautiful terraces in France and even our opinion on the trend of Ice Bags.

I - What does the law say?

In terms of regulations, the law is very strict regarding the installation of terraces in front of shops. A temporary occupation permit (AOT) in the public domain is mandatory for professionals who wish to occupy a part of the pavement that is reserved for pedestrians and must meet the conditions set by the administrative authority in charge of its management, it is generally the municipality. This AOT takes the form of a decree, and involves the payment of a royalty, the amount of which varies according to the duration of operation, the commercial value of the occupied road and the size of the terrace.

It should be noted first of all that only owners of business premises, located on the ground floor and open to the public, can obtain a terrace or display permit. It is personal (cannot be sold), precarious (valid for a fixed period) and revocable (can be withdrawn at any time).

There are three types of terraces:

  • The open terrace: must be glued to the front of the establishment. It must be equipped with tables and chairs
  • The counter-terrace: must be located at the curbside
  • The closed terrace: You must request permission to use the road here. The elements must be able to be dismantled within 8 hours

The conditions to be respected:

  • Pedestrians must be able to move around without suffering any discomfort, particularly for people with reduced mobility
  • The tranquillity of the neighbourhood must be preserved
  • Hygiene rules must be respected (especially for foodstuffs)

What should the AOT application package include?

  • A copy of the certificate of registration in the commercial register or trade register (Kbis extract);
  • A copy of the licence in the name of the owner or operator of the business for pub and restaurant operators;
  • A copy of the commercial lease or title deed;
  • The insurance certificate for the occupation of public property;
  • The description of the terrace or display and the materials used, generally a dimensioned plan specifying the location of the device on the sidewalk;
  • A bank statement....

II - Rosés that are a hit

After being criticized for a long time, rosé has been the top of the trendy drink for some time now! It is true that it is a wine accessible to the palate (fruity, fresh), with a refined colour, well crafted packaging and an easy association with various dishes. A passion that extends far beyond our borders, although France remains the world's leading rosé wine consuming countrybut which remains closely linked to the summer period. Here is our Top of the summer rosés!

A summer rosé that goes off the beaten track: the Bourgogne Rosé from Domaine Céline & Fréderic Gueguen

Even the Burgundians, the prestigious land of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, are going rosé! Domaine Gueguen is a very elegant cuvée. A pretty pink wood color. A discreet nose on the peach blossom, the wild strawberry Mara des bois, enriched with a pleasant smoky touch. A frank palate, with an acidulous finish.

An invigorating rosé for a fresh aperitif dinner: zucchini salad with feta cheese, mixed tomato, strawberry and basil salad, shrimp verrine and avocado.

The sure thing: A rosé from Provence from Château de Calavon

Fleshy and round rosé, pale pink with salmon highlights. The fruity and slightly spicy nose, all in roundness and freshness.... A wine that breathes the sun!

Ideal as an aperitif, but also throughout the meal, for grilled mullets with garlic cream, a lamb tagine with candied lemon, a bouillabaisse and even an osso bucco.

Fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit: the promise of this Rhône Valley rosé produced at Château de Nages

Château de Nages is not only a fabulous Rhodanian terroir, it is also the cradle of the Gassier family. In search of real wines of pleasure, they have freed themselves from the shackles of the appellation and modern oenology.

When you taste this wine, on the nose, you have the impression of smelling a sweet: a concert of strawberries, blackcurrants, and redcurrants... on the palate this rosé is very fruity and aromatic, you discover sparkling, pure and lively notes. In short, a successful score!

How about a rosé with bubbles? The Rosé de Saignée from the Champagne house Jeaunaux Robin

Because summer is also the season of weddings, and multiple festivities, Champagne rosé is our guest.
A traditional corn dewon Jeaunaux-Robin, resulting from a brief maceration. A sustained colour, for an exceptional fruitiness. A gourmet rosé Champagne to drink in the summer!

See all our rosés

III - The most beautiful terraces in France

Terrace with panoramic view, terrace with garden, terrace in a small inner courtyard, terrace on rooftop... Les Grappes offers you its selection of the most beautiful terraces in France so that you in turn can create THE terrace that will make your neighbours pale with envy and make you the most fashionable bar/restaurant in the area... or simply to make you travel a little bit.

The diving board - Nice

In the heart of a typical Nice site, the diving board will amaze you. This restaurant, located on a rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is an extraordinary place divided between two areas: the diving board and the rock. To be discovered absolutely for all lovers of the great outdoors and gastronomy!

The ladies' bistro - Paris

A true institution in its district, the ladies' bistro is ideally located between Montmartre and Place de Clichy and has an idyllic interior garden reminiscent of the countryside. So for all Parisians in need of greenery, this little corner of paradise is the place that will satisfy your need to escape for an evening or an afternoon.

The Nest - Nantes

With a panoramic view of the city of Nantes, this flat roof terrace perched at the top of the Brittany tower invites the imagination. As soon as you get to the top, the magic works directly. Reaching the end of the 32 floors that lead to the nest is a bit like reaching the 7th heaven, so it's up to you!

Frida - Bordeaux

Located in the heart of old Bordeaux, Frida is a real treat for the eyes and taste buds. The exotic colours of the indoor garden and the guinguette spirit will put a little balm in your heart in all circumstances!

Le Moulin du Roc - Champagnac de Bel-Air

And yes, heaven has a name and it is calledshe the Mill of the Rock. Located in the Périgord, this hotel restaurant offers a bucolic setting. Straddling a canal, this little jewel is a true haven of peace and an invitation to relax.

IV - The Ice Bag trend

Ice Bags or bottle coolers in French have been a real success in recent years. A real solution to keep your bottles cool in all circumstances and at any time of the year, this small, flexible and easily transportable ice bucket will quickly seem essential to you! Indeed, for several years now, Ice Bags have been a real hit with individuals and professionals.

A real communication tool, the Ice Bag is presented as the object, trend and fun of the moment to be found on any table! It is available in several collections, including one for professionals. This collection offers 19 models in different sizes and thicknesses from cans to jeroboams. It is also possible to create custom Ice Bags according to your desires and tastes, knowing that there are 3 models available: the classic shape (tube handles), the Square (square shape, cut handles), the Vask (trapezoid shape, cut handles)

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