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If you are a wine merchant or if you have a wine department in your establishment, it is difficult not to offer a Wine Fair at this time of year.

The Wine Fair is no longer reserved for supermarkets, it can also be found in wine shops and websites (for example, on our website for individuals, we offer a Wine Fair of the Harvesting Winegrowers) and even some local shops.

The Wine Fair is the ideal time to bring your store to life, bring your customers back and increase your sales. The proof in figures:

  1. 12% - For retailers, the wine fair represents on average 12% of the year's sales.
  2. x2 - Between 2016 and 2017, the wine fair experienced a 100% increase in sales
  3. 70% - In 2019, 70% of French people expressed their wish to participate in the next wine fair.
  4. 97€ - with budgets up by 4.3%, or 97 euros.
  5. €477 million - In 2015, total revenues reached €477 million, compared to €466 million in 2014.

When should you organize your wine fair?

This year, the fairs will run from 28 August to 16 October, with an even greater success.

You have no plans for your Wine Fair? It is not too late to contact us we can propose you a tailor-made offer!

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