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The year 2015 is coming to an end and it is time to take stock. It is therefore officially time to look back at the highlights of this year and we must admit that 2015 was a rather good year for our beautiful wine world.

Change in the Evin Law: more freedom in communication

On 24 November last, the Caesar amendment was voted on. This is an amendment to the Evin law, allowing oenological information. The main purpose of this amendment is to promote the economic aspect of wine tourism: France being the country of gastronomy and good wine, it is necessary to be able to speak freely about our wine heritage to the French and foreigners. The distinction between alcoholic beverage advertising and oenological information was therefore vital.

The "Vin de France" was born!

Route des vins - Top 5 de l'année viticole 2015

From 31 December, the face of the French vineyard will change! Following a decision by Brussels to liberalise the cultivation of the vine, we will soon have to taste, for example, a Picardy wine - Picardy has not been considered a wine-growing region until now! So, will we be entitled to more creativity, or is the fear of purists justified?

The most expensive wine in the world is a Burgundy

Wondering which wines are the most expensive in the world? Well, you should know that Burgundy holds the prize list! Indeed, the most expensive wine in the world in 2015 is a bottle of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, and hold on, it costs 14,254€!

The 2015 vintage, an exceptional year

Vendanges - Top 5 de l'année viticole 2015

How about we talk about the harvest? With the heat and sunshine of summer 2015, the harvest was good in terms of quality, and the 2015 vintage is announced as having good ageing potential. In terms of quantity, let us say that the volumes are correct compared to recent years. So, the 2015 vintage, better than the 2009 one? Apparently, yes! The regions to follow: Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Rhone Valley, South-West, Provence and Corsica.

.wine and .wine domain names now available

After.net,.com and.fr, since November, good news - it is now possible to have a domain name.wine or.wine ! After long negotiations between Icann (the world's Internet regulator) and winegrowers from several countries, an agreement was reached, and from 16 January next, the reservation of a domain name in.wine or.wine will be possible by everyone!

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