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How many wine tourists in France in 2016?

According to Atout France, in 2016, 10 million French people and foreign tourists visited French vineyards. Among the curious, 58% are French and 42% are foreigners. A growth of 33% compared to 2009 ! This is partly due to the increase and diversification of the offer, supported by more intense communication.

What are the economic benefits of wine tourism?

About 1250€: this is what visitors spend in average during their wine tourism stay. This figure tends to grow with the increasing of foreign tourists with high purchasing power who come to explore French vineyards (according to Atout France). The latter would spend on average 250€ on the consumption and purchase of wine directly at the property.

In total, the total expenditure of wine tourists in France in 2016 is estimated at €5.2 billion (figures from Atout France).

What are the favourite places for wine tourists to visit?

It is no surprise that Bordeaux and Champagne are at the top of the list of the most visited regions. With 18% and 17.2% respectively (Atout France figures) of the total number of wine tourists, these two regions attract more than one out of three visitors. Thanks to their notoriety and prestige, the two winners keep the first place in the ranking.

Then, Alsace, with 16.9% of all visits, is seductive thanks to its rich soil and atypical traditions. Burgundy follows it very closely with 16.2% of wine tourists.

The other wine-growing regions, such as the Loire Valley, the Provence or the Rhone Valley share the rest of the visits. They accounted for 13%, 11.5% and 11.5% respectively of the total number of wine tourists in 2016.



Lucas Chartier

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