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On the occasion of the publication of the 7th Sowine Barometer on 16 November, we propose some revealing figures on wine consumption in France in 2016. Indeed the Barometer is the first study focusing on French wine consumption practices in 2016 and which highlights the relationship of French people to wine.

These are studies carried out by SSI - Survey Sampling International - which is the leading sampling provider for marketing professionals, and which are distinguished by their clarity, in particular because they are mainly presented in the form of percentage diagrams. These studies, which are therefore quite general, are very significant and make it easy to understand the current challenges of the wine market.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, to shine in society or for your general culture, Sowine's figures will shed light on your vision of wine, its consumption and its market: on the way!

The French and wine in 2016

The first part of the Sowine Barometer study focuses on current practices in the way wine is consumed. It is essentially about the human, interactive aspect. The consumer is perceived as a customer, and we try to understand his habits. The first issue is that of wine knowledge: while there are 55% of wine neophytes, 69% of French people believe that it is important to know about wine in order to be able to appreciate it at its true value. So here's a gap that needs to be filled!

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Analyses ©Sowine

Secondly, and still within the framework of social practices, the place of consumption favoured by the French remains the home. As good gourmands, 74% of French people associate wine and good food! However, it cannot be said that the French are regular consumers since most -36%- buy wine only a few times a year, compared to 19% who buy it more than once a week.
The main interest of this study is that it also focuses on the places where the French buy wine. Although supermarkets are the main winners, it should be noted that 13% of purchases are made via the Internet in 2016 compared to 6% in 2015.

Wine online

The Sowine Barometer is remarkable for its strong interest in online wine sales and social networking practices in the wine world. Part of the study is in fact reserved for online sales and reveals that 34% of French people have already bought wine through this channel. This is more than the previous year with always this preference for producer sites.
The space reserved for mobiles, especially wine-related applications, and the use of mobile phones in relation to wine, show that the public is equally receptive to the growing connection inherent in the world of wine. For example, 33% of French people have a wine application on their laptop or tablet.

Analyses ©Sowine
Analyses ©Sowine

This relationship to technology and networks is completed in the last part of the Sowine Barometer, which reveals the influence of social networks on consumers. In fact, 25% of French people in 2016 published content related to their wine consumption on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram,...

Wine and digital technology: a new challenge

Analyses ©Sowine
Analyses ©Sowine

All in all, the Sowine 2016 Barometer makes it possible to look back at the consumption practices of French people and discover that they are more connected than we thought, despite the traditional habits of the French. The challenges of the wine market are clear: mastering the digital domain has become essential for merchants, but also for producers. It is therefore a question of continuing to modernize the French wine market, while continuing to meet the usual demand of the inhabitants of the wine country!

For more information, you can consult the Barometer 2016 conducted by SSI on the website: http:

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