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The wine is now sold in boxes, cans or tubes. Without a doubt, the packaging of wine is diversifying. Consumer offers are evolving with different formats to suit new consumption patterns. BIB ® wine is growing inexorably while canned wines and wine tubes are trying to make their way into the wine market. Overview of these new packaging methods.

The rise of wine in Bag in Box

BIB ® wine is a real consumption phenomenon. And for good reason, it has several practical advantages: everyone can serve the wine they want during the meal without opening a bottle; a friendly and practical service, a longer shelf life and a product that is generally cheaper than its bottled counterpart.

According to France Agrimer, the progression of wine in BIB ® is constant. With sales up by 4.8% in volume and 7.4% in value between the 13/14 and 14/15 marketing year, this packaging method attracted consumers. In supermarkets, it is 39% of the wine sold. Here are some questions to understand this new packaging.

Bag in Box du vin - le blog les grappes
BiBoViNo is a brand that puts top-of-the-range wines in BIB ®. © délices-mag.com

What is the principle of BIB ® packaging? the wine is contained in a 3, 5 or 10L bag, itself in a cardboard box. The bag does not contain air, it is hermetic and retracts as it empties. The technology is in the spout. It allows you to use the wine without air intake in the pocket. The conservation of the wine is therefore longer than in the bottle, it is estimated on average at 6 weeks after opening.

Can the wine age in BIB®? the wine is not likely to age as well as in the bottle; therefore, it is often wine to be consumed quickly that is preferred in this type of packaging, 6 to 9 months before opening.

Is the wine in BIB ® of good quality? The BIB ® occupies the middle range in the French supermarket distribution. However, the proportion of PGIs is constantly increasing. In estates and private individuals, BIB® claims its assets and is increasingly used for wines of very good quality. In fact, many AOCs are now packaged in BIB ®.

concours du vin en BIB - le blog les grappes
At the BIB® wine competition held in Toulouse. © Best-wine-in-box.com

As a result of this success, BIB ® wines now have their own competition. For the past 2 years, the BIB ® wine competition, Best Wine in Box, has awarded medals to wines packaged in boxes all over the world.

Canned wine arrives in France and seeks to seduce consumers

canettes de vin - le blog les grappes

A change of scale, in a smaller format, the wine can is trying to make its way into French distribution. The innovation comes from a French start-up: Fabulous Brand, created in 2010 and specialized in beverage brands; it launched the Winestar® brand. The advantages of this packaging? It is hermetic, protects from light and air. It has a specific coating that prevents the taste of metal. The advantages of consumption? Everyone can choose and buy the wine they want to drink. The format is ideal for single person consumption and is ideal for outdoor meals such as picnics.

To ensure product quality, Winestar ® positions itself as a high-end market by selecting only appellation wines.

The "tubes" of summer wine

Even smaller than the cans... the wine in a tube. This format allows you to taste, taste and discover the wines before buying the bottle.

tubes de vin - le blog les grappes
© witfrance.com

Packaged by the company WIT France, based in Bordeaux for 10 years, the concept has seduced by its practicality for tasting and sampling. Several estates have adopted this packaging method and offer their most uncomplicated customers wines in tubes.

Still with the idea of the tube in mind, the Nantes-based company 10-vins has set up the D-Vine machine: a real Nespresso ® wine machine. A 10cl tube must be inserted into the machine. A code is written on the bottle, it is read and recognized by the machine which, depending on the characteristics, serves the wine aerated and at the right temperature.

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