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What does that have to do with it, you might ask? It is true that the title is very interesting. However, once we look at the issue, everything seems more logical. Focus on this trend appreciated by winegrowers, that of mixing art and wine.

Whether it is a question of presenting sculptures contemporary in the heart of wine estates or to decorate bottles with labels signed by a great artist, brands have every interest in associating with the artistic sector. Indeed, such an initiative has many advantages for wine and spirits brands. In addition to the obvious aesthetic aspect, this decision will allow them to increase their visibility, to please the consumer and thus to promote sales. In France, alcohol advertising is very much regulated by law, for public health reasons.

While this trend is most popular among champagne brands, particularly Ruinart or Roederer, which also has a foundation for contemporary art, wine brands are not to be outdone. Here are three areas that highlight art on their labels:

Rothschild Sheep

Mouton Rothschild bottles and their artistic labels

Since 1945, Rothschild has been choosing artists to illustrate the labels of their famous Mouton Rothschild, renowned for its excellent wine. These works, chosen by Baron Philippe and then by Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, are now chosen by their son Julien de Beaumarchais. A family affair, then. From Francis Bacon to Niki de Saint-Phalle and Giuseppe Penone, abstract paintingWhether figurative or arte povera, Rothschild labels are even entitled to their own exhibition at Château Mouton de Rothschild.


The vintage signed Bertrand Lavier for Peyrassol

Commanderie Peyrassol, a wine estate in the heart of the Var, has the largest park of monumental sculptures in France. The production of artistic labels is therefore the logical continuation of their existing partnership with the contemporary art sector. Thus the plastic artists Bertrand Lavier and Bernar Venet are responsible for dressing the Peyrassol bottles, drawing inspiration from the specific characteristics of each cuvée.

Jaja de Jau

The bottle of Jaja de Jau signed Ben

Because luxury wines do not have a monopoly on this artistic partnership, Jaja de Jau, an entry-level wine, is partnering with the French artist Ben. The latter will lend his famous writing for the labels of Jaja, a friendly and accessible wine, in line with the light tone of Ben's often amusing works.

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