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Storytelling tank

"Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world,"
Hemingway liked to say. Even if wine is a product of civilisation, a true cultural product, it is unfortunately not well known as such. Too bad, it is an open door to an encyclopedia of knowledge: little knowledge and know-how falls into the field of vines and wine... Too bad, it is also a reservoir of wonderful, unusual and original stories - this famous storytelling that is sure to interest all wine tourism, wine lovers, epicureans and curious people.

Source of differentiation

One of the measures in favour of wine tourism presented by Hervé Novelli at the first National Conferences of Wine Tourism is to "encourage the enhancement of the wine cultural heritage of each destination". For a simple reason; it is in the knowledge of its own culture, history and heritage that each vineyard can read its pride and identity, sequence its DNA, and make its hidden face readable and attractive.

Wine tourism creation workshop

Finally, based on the best knowledge of its oenocultural heritage, each vineyard can create authentic and original oenotourism products and services.

André Deyrieux, who already created the
Winetourisminfrance.com wine tourism webmagazine in 2005, has developed a method - the PVM method - to carry out this new work of heritage enhancement, enhancement and marketing of oenocultural heritage. It is already used by many vineyards and wine tourism destinations.

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