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You are a winegrower and you would like to promote your wine tourism offer? Les Grappes gives you some ideas to increase the number of visitors in your field!

Make promotional offers

Organize a competition game

Whether you are a recent or experienced wine tourism player, it is important to promote your offer to attract more and more visitors. « Try to win a visit of the estate and a tasting for 4 people », you can relay such a slogan on social networks, newspapers or local radio stations. Organizing a competition is an effective way to remind the curious French and foreigners that your domain opens its doors: at your clicks, get ready, go!

Give samples

If you already have wine tourists visiting your estate, give samples to visitors. A tourist who comes to visit your estate is a potential consumer. So in addition to tasting, don’t hesitate to give samples of your vintages to wine tourists : you will increase the chances that they will come back and buy in the future.

Create a loyalty card

Building customer loyalty is important, and wine consumers are all the most sensitive to it when they remember the wines they liked or disliked. Then, create a loyalty card and offer a free visit or a bottle of wine after a certain number of visits to the estate for example. Business cards are also effective channels of communication where customers can find your contact information.

Communicate on your wine tourism activity and your products


Communicating about your wine tourism offer is essential since dozens of estates also offer visits and tastings in your region. The demarcation of your farm from others is through its promotion. The winning solution: a panel at the entrance of the domain. Simple and effective, it attracts the visitor’s attention. To do this, choose simple and clear words, written in large letters, that quickly make it clear that your house offers a visit to the vines, a tasting in your cellars or a ride on horseback.

Expose your domain in the media as a player in wine tourism

Social networks are more present than ever in contemporary communication and promotion strategies. If you want to be recognized as a player in wine tourism in your region, publish your offer on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. Publish content such as photos, user reviews or information brochures so that visitors can project themselves into their wine tourism experience.

Regional newspapers and local radio stations are also a good way to convey your offer and inform as many people as possible.

Distribute business cards or flyers to your visitors

Always in the same perspective, it is necessary to accompany your customers’ purchases with a business card or a flyer. This cheap support (made by you if you have the Do It Yourself spirit) allows you to give basic information, such as your contact details or the different vintages produced, and other promotional information such as the presentation of your offer of wine tourism activities.


Lucas Chartier

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