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The end of the year celebrations are approaching: the opportunity to bring out the champagne and look back at the 2015 celebrations, which was a historic year for Champagne wine with a turnover of 4.75 billion euros. The trend is growing, and the figures of the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne are exorbitant! But who consumes so much Champagne? At what point was 2015 the record year for Champagne consumption? Focus on these bubble-loving countries!

United Kingdom and United States: A record volume of bottles

The United Kingdom is emerging as a great "Vin-queur"!
This is the leading market for Champagne wine: it represents 42.6% of its shipments in volume. More significantly, this represents more than 34,153,662 75cl bottles shipped! That's 1.5 million more bottles than the previous year! Consumption is mainly in Vintage Brut.

Royaume Uni et champagne - Les Grappes

The United States ranks second in terms of imports
According to the CIVC figures, the United States is the second country that imported the most Champagne in 2015. The volume, expressed in 75cl bottles of champagne shipped, amounts to 20,508,784 bottles.

Behind these giants we find him:

Germany with 11,907,887 bottles,
Japan with 11,799,246 bottles,
Belgium with 9,201,659 bottles,
Australia with 8,110,106 bottles

We then notice the enthusiasm of non-European countries for Champagne. This is where the market for this wine has also exploded. These are therefore the countries where the consumption of Champagne wines has been very high. The import figures reflect the enthusiasm for this product, which is mainly made in France. If the total volume remains astronomical, we can put this into perspective with per capita consumption, which is then less impressive, especially in the United States.

Per capita consumption: the surprise of the West Indies

Consommation de champagne en Guadeloupe - Blog Les Grappes

Guadeloupe and Martinique are among the largest importers of Champagne in the world. The two French islands are thus in the top 5 champagne importing countries in the Americas Zone established by the CIVC. Indeed, the total number of 75 cl bottles is 1,446,255 for Martinique and 1,439,539 for Guadeloupe, which cost the islands the sum of 38 million euros.
It is therefore not surprising that Martinique holds the world record for Champagne consumption in 2015 with a figure of 3.5 bottles per inhabitant. Here it is the ratio to the number of inhabitants that establishes the rank of this department.

What about France in all this?

Capsules de champagne Made in France
Champagne capsules Made in France

In 2015, France had 161,822,697 bottles of Champagne shipped. Although it remains the leading producer market and thus manages to stabilize, Champagne consumption is quite uneven. If it is the producing country, it is a low consumer due to the accessibility of this product, which remains a luxury product. The records of Martinique and Guadeloupe are thus only a pale reflection of the metropolitan reality. French, therefore, to your Cups!

Marie Lecrosnier-Wittkowsky (For The Clusters)

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