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Where do harvest festivals come from ?

Historically, the harvest festivals are organized at the end of the harvest ban. Lifting the ban on grape harvesting means that, by prefectoral decree, the ban on harvesting grapes is lifted: the winegrowers and grape pickers are authorised to pick the bunches. By use, the harvest festival becomes the celebration of the end of the annual harvest. On later dates, winegrowers and grape pickers celebrate the harvest over a glass, perpetuating local traditions. This will be the ideal time to visit vineyards and taste local products.

Some successful harvest festivals

Harvest festival in Alsace

In Barr, the capital of the Lower Rhine, the grape harvest festival is a real institution. Events follow one another throughout the weekend: parade in traditional costume, flea markets with local craftsmen, tastings of the region’s Grands Crus… In a festive atmosphere, the few thousand people present, local and wine tourists, celebrate the end of the grape harvest period. In Barr, it’s folklore and quality wine for a guaranteed immersion!

We also celebrate the vine… in Paris!

It might sound crazy but yes… in Paris, we celebrate the end of the harvest! Every year, the Montmartre hill welcomes nearly 500,000 people from 18th century Paris, Paris, Ile-de-France and wine tourists from all over the world. With nearly 120 activities on offer throughout the day, passers-by will celebrate the Parisian vineyards in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The main event of the weekend: the parade of brotherhoods including that of the Republic of Montmartre. Wine tourism in Paris, we validate!

Celebrate the vine in the Bordeaux region

Since 1909, Bordeaux has been celebrating the end of the harvest by organizing several artistic events in the city and the vineyards. During September, the famous cavalcade, and its tanks representing the different wine regions, parade through the streets of Bordeaux. The event brings together winegrowers, grape pickers, young and old in a festive and family atmosphere. In honour of the end of the harvest and the work accomplished, a play called Bacchus Triomphant was created in the 20th century. Every year, more than 600 choirs and 200 actors take part in this great performance, much to the delight of Bordeaux residents and visiting wine tourists.



Lucas Chartier

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