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Champagne, its fine bubbles... a unique product that the whole world loves. The Champagne region is worth a visit: it will offer you a moment of wine tourism as you can imagine. Following the winding and picturesque roads of Champagne, you will meet exciting and passionate winegrowers. Bubble lovers, don't wait any longer. Les Grappes offers you a tailor-made route to discover the region as a whole and the winegrowers who produce this wine unlike any other.

The Reims Mountain

First stop, the Montagne de Reims. At the gates of the city with the same name, you will start the Champagne Wine Route by taking timeless routes. Crossing the vineyards, you can enjoy the unique panorama of the whole region offered by the Montagne de Reims. If you continue on to Epernay, capital of champagne, you will probably pass through the small village of Verzy. This small nugget is home to some of the oldest winegrowers in the region. For more than three centuries, they have cherished the vines and the land of Champagne.

The +: at the top of a hill on your way, stop to visit the Chapelle Saint-Lié which will offer you a magnificent viewpoint

The Marne Valley

You will continue your journey and follow the Marne river while being surrounded by vineyards. On this road, many properties are accessible to visitors and the local winegrowers will be pleased to make you taste the Champagne wines. Also, the heights of the valley will offer you breathtaking views of the region: this is also what wine tourism is all about. You will undoubtedly cross the small typical village of Pierry, which houses 18th century mansions and large properties that you will remember!

Not to be missed: a magnificent piece of history with the Château de Louis XIII and its famous Mémorial des Victoires de la Marne in Dormans

The White Coast

This region of champagne will strike you with its bucolic charm. Between undergrowth and vineyards, you will cross the famous Avenue de Champagne at the exit of Epernay, which will lead you straight on the road of the great names in champagne. At the bend of the small village of Chouilly, you will be completely surrounded by vineyards: wine tourism at its height. In Champagne, the visit and tasting stage is a must. You will learn from the winegrowers the winemaking and maturing methods that make champagne such a special product.

Tip: divert your route to cross the village of Avize. His frescoes made with paint are colourful and representative of the different stages of champagne production.

Le Massif de Saint-Thierry

This region is forever linked to the coronation of several Kings of France. The Massif de Saint-Thierry also has a vineyard, the land of Chardonnay. This stage is the end of the loop that is the Route des champagnes. It will take you back to the foot of Reims and will be an opportunity for wine tourists to visit family farms, sometimes producing for several hundred years. Back to the city of the coronations, you can end your wine tourism stay by visiting the famous Saint-Remi Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The must-see: the Palais du Tau in Reims, often forgotten in front of the grandeur of the neighbouring basilica. Don't miss the treasure of the cathedral and part of the original statuary.

To vary the pleasures, also find the Burgundy Wine Route, the Loire Wine Route or the Bordeaux Wine Route.

Lucas Chartier

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