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With more than 50 labels, Loire is the 3rd largest French vineyard. Spread over 3 regions, and on the equivalent of 4.5 times the surface area of Paris, the Loire vineyards enjoy a wide diversity of soils and a different amount of sunshine depending on the parcels. The result of this set is the great variety of grape varieties that offer wines of great heterogeneity. At the gates of the capital, we offer you an extraordinary Wine Route marked by pleasure and diversity.

The vineyards of Nantes

The climate of this region is particularly mild for vine growing: summers are hot, autumns and winters are mild. Just a stone’s throw from Nantes, you can admire the vineyards as far as the eye can see. The region is the queen in the cultivation of Muscadet, a mainly worked grape variety. Near the Atlantic coast, the Nantes vineyard deserves a visit during your holidays on the coast! The Nantes region produces dry and lively wines to drink with fresh fish, but for the moment we recommend visiting the cellars and tasting them.

Anjou and Saumur

Near Angers, the two vineyards cover the Chenin, mainly used for white wine production, and the Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon for red wine. In smaller quantities, rosé and sparkling wines are also produced. Thus, the region offers a great diversity for the greatest pleasure of visiting wine tourists. Anjou offers you many vineyards and cellars to visit, guided by passionate winegrowers: Coteau du Layon, Cabernet d’Anjou or Savennières, it’s up to you!


The Centre-Loire and its valleys provide a feeling of freedom that will delight our wine tourists who are eager for wide open spaces. Stuck between Châteauroux, Bourges and Nevers, go admire the vineyards of Pouilly-Fumé, Quincy or Reuilly, great names in the region. Between two cellar visits and a tasting, take the time to stop at Château de Chambord. Sauvignon Blanc is king in the castle region: but don’t restrict yourself, there are also superb trading houses and cooperative cellars to visit.

Touraine and its great names

Close to the castles of Cheverny and Chenonceau, the large expanses of the Touraine vineyards are waiting for you. During your wine tourism stay, you will have the opportunity to visit cave dwellings with picturesque atmospheres, do not miss it. The latter are typical of the region and essential: it is the opportunity to meet the winegrower and taste his vintages… six feet underground! Known as Vouvray, Chinon or Bourgueil, the wines of Touraine are varied: from dry and fruity white wines to be drunk fresh to sweet red wines to be kept. In any case, it is your pleasure that will remain intact as a wine tourist.

To vary the pleasures, also find the Alsatian Wine Route, the Bordeaux Wine Route, the Provence Wine Route.



Lucas Chartier

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