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A few words about the Gulf of St Tropez Wine Route

Today we offer you a tailor-made tour from Saint-Tropez or Cogolin. Whether in summer or winter, you will cross the vineyards of the South of France and its typical villages, for the pleasure of young and old. More than just visits, your wine tourism stay is about the winegrowers you will meet there. 

Pine forest, tropezian cake and rosé: we present you the Wine Route of St-Tropez.

Top 4 of the must-see

Château Minuty

First step: Château Minuty, a real institution in the region. Since 1936, the Mattons family have been producing quality wines with their families. You will probably be amazed as you walk through this cypress alley that decorates the entrance to the estate. As you continue, you will discover a building typical of the region with a sober and modern interior. Inside, the barrels are highlighted behind a glass wall, which makes the atmosphere very pleasant. As for tasting, you will have the opportunity to taste the 281 vintages, Red and Gold, White and Gold or Rose and Gold, as you wish.

Domaine de la Rouillère

Another large one in Provence, located on the Saint-Tropez Peninsula, requires a mandatory stop: La Rouillère. On the edge of the D61, you may see a small wooden cabin… but what is it? It is none other than the tasting area of the house. Indeed, Bertrand Letartre had the brilliant idea of creating a sales/tasting space on the side of this very busy road in the region. Naturally, it is possible for the less hurried of our wine tourists to visit the cellars and the estate.

Ramatuelle Vineyards

This institution, which is a little special in its organization, is worth a visit. In Ramatuelle, unity is strength! Indeed, the city’s independent winegrowers have come together in an alliance to produce atypical and high-quality wines. Thanks to the know-how of each member, local products are on sale at the estate (oils, vinegars, jams…) for your greatest pleasure!

Château de Chausse

We suggest that you finish your journey with a serene area. On the heights of La Croix-Valmer, this building, one of the oldest in the village, has a bewitching charm. The producer of a red wine, famous in the region, will introduce you to his cellars where the oldest vintages of the same wine are stored. These bottles are not for sale but don’t worry: Château de Chausse has plenty of other surprises to offer you.

To vary the pleasures, also find the Alsatian Wine Route, the Bordeaux Wine Route, the Bandol Wine Route.



Lucas Chartier

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