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Everything you always wanted to know about wine but never dared to ask

Choosing your wine can be a real headache for many of us, especially when there is not yet an article from the blog Les Grappes on the subject!

It is with this in mind that three friends, Thomas, Benoit and Edouardo, lovers of good wine and new technologies, have created Matcha, the first robot (or chatbot) that helps you choose your wine on Facebook Messenger. No need to download yet another application to your mobile phone, just contact Matcha on Messenger and talk to him as a friend for instant and personalized advice. A red wine that's not too expensive for an aperitif? A wine to accompany lasagna? A wine to go with couscous? A gift for your father-in-law? Unless you are a keen connoisseur, it is not always easy to answer these questions. And it must be said that neither the infinity of choice in the supermarket nor the poetic indications on the label are there to help you!

The robot answers your questions, such as "What to drink with my leg of lamb? "What wine to seduce a girl? ». With regard to this last question, unfortunately the result cannot be guaranteed!

The following information will give you the characteristics of the wines in terms of taste in an accessible way but also its composition to know a little more about this delicious bottle!

The tone is deliberately relaxed and the explanations accessible, far from the jargon that is omnipresent on the Internet. Technical and too lyrical expressions are banned, in order to guide the user with words that speak to him. So there goes the "subtle honeysuckle aromas" and other "deliciously melted tannins".

The bet that our three accomplices took to succeed in this mission? Matcha collaborates and learns from sommeliers all over the world. You choose your price range and no unpleasant surprises at the end!

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