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Modern buildings, with curves that blend into the landscape: this is the challenge of these architects who are building the cellars of the future. These artistic engineers are not lacking in imagination, in fact the constructions impress by their discretion and voluptuousness. In a trompe l'oeil, modern and minimalist, the architect's cellars are home to the most prized wines on the planet. At the bend of your visit and tasting at the winegrower's houseyou can't miss these 21st century buildings. Exclusivity: the 4 architect's cellars to visit in France!

Château La Dominique

The cellar of this Château de Saint-Emilion was renovated in 2013 and used the services of Jean Nouvel. This renowned architect has nevertheless created the Louvre of Abu Dhabi, the Cartier Foundation and the Philharmonie de Paris: I might as well tell you that this cellar was in good hands. The result? A total renovation in red tones and made of light wood. From the vineyard, you can see a long advance of the glossy plastic-plated building. Inside, it is a very modern atmosphere that can be found with a remarkable work done on the spaces and their perspectives.

Our advice: take advantage of the very soberly designed outdoor space to enjoy a glass of Château wine.

Romanesque castle

Heading for Provence to discover the Romanesque Castle. The 58 hectare estate (42 hectares in wine production, 4 olive trees and 2 almond trees) is revealed to you between Saint-Rémy-de Provence and Eygalières. When you arrive on site, you will be amazed at the general beauty of the place. This 13th century castle is nestled between vineyards, mountains and woods. Inside, you will discover an exceptional place: a cellar built according to the techniques used for Gothic cathedrals. Your eyes will no longer know where to land with this high ceiling height and these surgically precise details. In short, it is a place steeped in history in a sumptuous landscape: it is worth a visit!

Don't miss: take a walk in the olive grove under the southern sun: relaxation guaranteed.

Château Cheval Blanc

In 2011, Christian de Portzamparc built the cellar of the mythical Château Cheval Blanc in Saint-Emilion. The Bernard Arnaud vineyard cellar was completely redesigned and made of concrete. The Moroccan-born architect chose fluid curves that drew a building all in length: the Cheval Blanc canopy was born. Seen from the outside, the cellar surprises at first sight and then blends harmoniously into the landscape. Inside, concrete is omnipresent. The tanks impress by their size and number, while the room where the barrels are kept warms up thanks to the use of clear concrete.

Don't miss: take a walk at nightfall on the path created by the arches of this cellar.

Ballande and Méneret logistics warehouse

Located in the heart of Bordeaux between La Cité du Vin and the Musée du Vin et du Négoce, this logistics cellar stands out in the southwestern city. In the air of a UFO with its almost too perfect rectangular shape, this concrete block is transformed at night by lighting up with orange dots: guaranteed sensations! Inside, no less than 4 million bottles are stored in the 10,000 square metres available.

The little something extra: walk around this building at nightfall, in the pine forest that surrounds it!

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