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Wine competition" means an event at regional or national level whose purpose is a tasting. Then we proceed to a selection whose aim is to promote the best wines.

In France, there are 21 wine competitions. Within these, there are three main types of selection according to the tasters. First of all, the competition in which wine professionals taste and give their judgment. Then, the one where it is the non-expert amateurs who only represent consumers. And finally, those where professionals and amateurs are mixed in the jury.

While France stands out for its much higher number of competitions than other countries, there are six main ones:

The Mâcon wine competition

Founded in 1954, each wine can be presented, regardless of its wine-growing region. If the wines of the Rhone Valley are very predominant with 1318 bottles. The other regions also made their mark with 726 bottles. Very open, there were 2160 jurors for the last edition, or nearly one wine per person.

Orange Wine Competition

It is the oldest and most prestigious of the Rhone Valley competitions. Founded in 1962, the competition now involves more than 2800 wine samples. The jury is made up of professionals, some of whom travel from the United States.

Avignon Fair Wine Competition

It brings together the wines of the three regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhône-Alpes. It takes place at the Avignon exhibition centre. There are more than 400 tasters (journalists, amateur oenologist) and judges the three vintages of the previous year.

Feminized Wine Competition

The jury is composed exclusively of women wine specialists. Founded in 2007, the competition brings together more than 600 tasters to judge 4000 different wines.

The general agricultural competition

It aims to promote the French agri-food sectors. A real institution, founded in 1870 before the tragedy of the town. It is not only dedicated to promoting wine. But also that of animals, agri-food products and young professionals.

The international wine competition in Lyon

Each year at the Cité internationale de Lyon, the best wines in the world are selected. Composed of professional wine juries, the selection is made according to several criteria such as taste, smell and visual beauty.

In short, the competitions aim to promote the best wines, give them visibility, and encourage small producers. A must for all wine lovers, participating as a juror is an excellent opportunity to perfect your wine culture and analysis.

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