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Les Grappes becomes the wine section of the Parisien! A blog where we talk about wine in an accessible way, through the stories of the winegrowers. Funny, original, family and crazy stories sometimes. We tell you everything.

The partnership with Le Parisien was a natural one

The partnership with Le Parisien was a natural one: today, Les Grappes is the wine section of the magazine. With this blog, we want to make wine accessible to everyone. What we want to share here: the life of our winegrowers, their stories and their passion for this profession. By giving them the floor, you have a tone that resembles them: direct, friendly and sincere.

No need to know what empyreumatic means

What are we talking about on the blog? Each day has its own section.
On Monday, a winegrower tells his story in his
diary. We find in turn: Laetitia German journalist converted into a winegrower in the Hautes-Alpes, Elise Gaillard and her banyuls, Benjamin Richer de Forges in the Médoc, Ch'ti and the Bordeaux Damien and Maria Chombart, and Anne Gremillet and her fine bubbles.
Tuesday, focus on what has happened recently in the wine world, and look back at the team's travels to the latest wine shows. News, discoveries, we talk to you about everything!
Wednesday: Les Grappes sits down to eat with delicious winegrower's recipes, to be tested with their wines. And our ambassadors Jules and Audrey use their imagination to deliver ever more unusual food and wine pairings: insects, chips, chocolate...
Thursday: We slip into our boots to go and do the portrait of the week by interviewing a winegrower in his vineyards: Jean-Marc Brocard in Burgundy, Nicolas Meylan in Médoc... and many others.
Friday: To get the weekend off to a good start, we deliver tops with a little humour and role-playing: you will always know what wine to drink, and on any occasion.
Saturday: We are packing our bags to let you discover the vines of the whole world.
Sunday: Deciphering a typical wine tasting expression in a light tone.

Château de Paraza - Les Grappes
The Danglas family in the vineyards of Château de Paraza

Unless you drive 400 kilometres, some bottles are sometimes inaccessible. The idea of the Les Grappes website is to allow you to buy the wines you want, directly from the estate. It is also to create a proximity between the wine buyer and the winegrowers who harvest the wine.

Loïc Tanguy (Les Grappes)

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