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Today, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of packaging on the environment. This promotes the growth and innovation of sustainable packaging. You will find below the new green packaging trends. Without sacrificing the brand image of the wines, they offer effective ecological solutions while providing an aesthetic side!

Paper gift bags

A bottle or even a case of wine will always be an ideal gift! To this end, ecological options exist for printed bags and boxes. These include paper materials with a high recycled content. As well as modern visuals to promote clear messages.

Corrugated cardboard

As one of the most recycled materials on the planet, corrugated cardboard is resistant, environmentally friendly and extremely versatile. Corrugated surfaces offer additional space for printing. As well as high quality graphics, allowing winegrowers to improve their brand image and message.

Automated packaging

When developing green packaging strategies, materials are not the only important factors to consider! Automated packaging systems and processes also allow us to reduce material waste while increasing productivity.

Moulded fibres

These are a perfect replacement for polystyrene and rigid foams, which are difficult to break down and not always easy to recycle. Made from post-consumer waste and recycled materials, moulded fibres offer the same protection and cushioning properties as other materials, while offering an environmentally friendly approach to wine packaging.

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