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You want to visit a winery but don't know when to go yet? Don't worry, there is not really a season to visit our winegrowers. All year round, the vine lives. According to its phenological cycle, the mut vineyard: the leaves change colour, the buds are transformed into grapes, the bunches are formed.

Find in this article the best periods to meet our winegrowers!


Out of winter, the vine wakes up despite the still cool temperatures: the first buds appear at the end of their noses. Autumn is a very pleasant time to visit the vineyards. The pinkish vine leaves and wildflowers colour the vineyard. Poppies, buttercups and daisies enjoy the first rays of sunshine while the previous year's cuvée just came out of the cellars. This period is ideal, you will often be alone because the wine tourism season has not yet really started. In Burgundy or the Rhone Valley, do not hesitate and book your tasting visit now.


Summer is here, the temperatures are pleasant and the French go on holiday on the coasts. The vine is in full effervescence: the vine flowers appear at the beginning of June. This is followed by the appearance of the first grapes and their mutation. In August, the grapes take on colour: the veraison follows its course. As you will have understood, summer is the ideal time to visit a vineyard and meet the winegrowers. Even if the temperatures are pleasant and conducive to a few blows of pruning shears, beware of the crowds that may be present in the vineyards at this time of year.

Back to school start

From September to October, the fruit of the vine reaches the end of its maturation. It is time for him to return to the vats to be transformed into wine: it is the time of the harvest. Many properties open their doors at this time and welcome the curious who wish to give a few shots of pruning shears in the vineyard. If you are lucky enough to still be on holiday at this time of year, go for it in the wine-growing regions!


It is undoubtedly our favorite season to meet our winegrowers! The vineyard takes on its most beautiful colours: from yellow to red and orange. The temperatures are still pleasant and the harvest is just finished. This will be the ideal time to visit a domain and taste the local wines. You will often be alone with the cellar master/wine grower at this time of year: the good life.

The winter

For the less cautious among us, wine tourism lasts until winter. On a beautiful winter's day, the vines will show you all their beauty. Go back to the cellar to warm up for a tasting by the fire. It will also be a good opportunity to taste the wines in vats if you have never experienced it before.

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