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In recent years, many great French sportsmen have decided to invest in wine and show their love for our favourite drink. Don't worry: between games in the tournament, they're not the mainstays of the bar, but outside of training, things are different. Who says sports & wine can't be linked?

Athletes invest in wine

First, there are the auctions that the sportsmen are passionate about. For example at Idealwine, many sportsmen and women invest in wine by buying good bottles at online auctions.

Others prefer to buy one or more wineries. Perhaps you know Jean Tigana, a former player in the French national team in the 1970s? He bought a château in the Médoc (Bordeaux) from the time he was training there. Since 1999, he has been the proud owner of a pretty bastide in AOC Cassis called Dona Tigana.

Les sportifs français investissent dans le vin - Sport et Vin - blog Les Grappes
Bixente Lizarazu © Sud-Ouest

And many sportsmen and women own estates: Bixente Lizazaru in Saint-Émilion, Christophe Dominici in an estate in the Hérault, among others.

If we go to the Languedoc side, you certainly know Gérard Bertrand?

Les sportifs français investissent dans le vin - Sport et Vin - blog Les Grappes
Gérard Bertrand © DR, visitfrenchwine.com

Did you know what he did for a living before he became a wine marketing giant, managing eight wineries? He was a former rugby player at the Stade Français! Today, the Gérard Bertrand brand is made up of 200 employees and more than 500 hectares of vines.

Tennis players who invest in the world of wine

Les sportifs français investissent dans le vin - Sport et Vin - blog Les Grappes
Michael Llodra, overwhelmed, is well replaced by Arnaud Clément © Reuters

Now let's talk about tennis and some players who also wanted to invest in the world of wine. You certainly know Arnaud Clément and Michaël Llodra, two great players often present at Roland Garros? In 2013, these two sportsmen opened their wine bar in the heart of a well-known wine region: Burgundy. By teaming up with three people, they opened Dr Wine, a wine bar located in Dijon, which is also a restaurant, boutique and private club. Accomplices in tennis and partners in life, what a beautiful image!

So, who says sports and wine aren't related?

Guénaëlle (Les Grappes)

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