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Millésime Bio, the world's largest exhibition dedicated to certified organic wines, opened its doors yesterday at the Montpellier Exhibition Centre. Spotlight on this event reserved for professionals, which will transform the city of Hérault into the world capital of organic wine for three days.

Organic wine is on the rise in Europe

The growing success of Millésime Bio and the various events that take place on the sidelines of the main exhibition (Le Vin de Mes Amis, Biotop, Les Affranchis, De Chemins en Pistes, etc.) testify more generally to consumers' enthusiasm for wine, and for organic wine in particular.

Conducted in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden, the Sudvinbio/Ipsos 2015 study shows that more and more Europeans are choosing organic wine. 34.9% of respondents drink organic wine, regularly or from time to time. The rate is 51.2% in Sweden and 35.8% in France, a country in which the awareness rate for organic wines reaches 74.6%.

Millésime Bio, 3 jours au rythme du vin Bio - blog Les GrappesSalon Millésime Bio 2014 © Gilles LEFRANCQ Photography

It is interesting to note that organic wine also seems to attract an audience a little different from the traditional profile of the wine consumer. A public that is both more feminine (50.5% of regular organic wine consumers in Europe are female), younger (under 35 years old represent 23% of organic wine consumers) and whose consumption is more thoughtful.

Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées: France's leading organic vineyard

Millésime Bio is the meeting not to be missed for those involved in organic wine. Organized since 1993 by the interprofessional association Sudvinbio, this exhibition reserved for professionals honors only certified organic wines (estates in conversion are not accepted).

For this 23rd edition, which is being held from 25 to 27 January, Millésime Bio is once again moving to Montpellier, in the heart of the new Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region, a region that has become France's leading organic vineyard in terms of area (23,303 hectares) and number of organic farms (1,557).

Millésime Bio: The must-attend organic wine fair

Millésime Bio - blog Les Grappes
Organic Vintage

This year, nearly 900 exhibitors from 15 different countries will be on hand to present their wines to visitors. Whether you want to (re)discover classic appellations in France, Spain or Italy or venture towards less well-known producing regions in France, it is likely that you will find your happiness in the alleys of Millésime Bio so diverse is the offer.

A diversity that can also be found among visitors as the show attracts more and more professionals from all over the world (22% of foreign visitors in 2015).

Organic wine therefore seems to have a bright future ahead of it! Take the plunge and discover our selection of organic winegrowers

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