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Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le vin sans jamais oser le demander

To attract new oenotourists, winegrowers will have to diversify their activities to offer holidaymakers a tailor-made experience. The stakes are high enough to keep up with the increase in wine tourism figures!

Wine tourism for sportsmen and women

For the most enduring, jogging is essential! For 21 or 42 kilometres, you can enjoy the spaces criss-crossed by the growing of vines in open air. Running in the heart of the vineyards? We validate! The more moderate among us will choose a hike or a bike ride, something more relaxing. Discovering the wine heritage of a region by building muscle, the winegrowers could not offer anything better. Many of them sporting events are organised every year in our wine-growing regions, take advantage of it!

Would you like to organize a company seminar in the vineyards?

For your company seminars, the winegrowers also adapt their offer to your needs. Depending on the size of the group and the format of the meeting, you will be able to:

  • attend conferences, given by experts in the profession and experienced oenologists. This will be an opportunity for the assembly to learn about wine-making techniques, from the cultivation of the vine to bottling,
  • participate in internships. Welcomed by the cellar masters or the winegrowers themselves, you will have the opportunity to smell, taste and analyse the vintages of the operator.
  • take part in a wine creation workshop. On the wise advice of oenologists, you test, assemble and label the bottle you bring home!

Teambuilding, integration of new employees or seminar, you will leave transformed from your wine tourism stay!

Gourmet tourism stays

In exceptional places, sometimes century-old, the winegrower offers a quality service that he can offer according to your wishes:

  • Become a lord for a while. Live the time of a stay in the castle, surrounded by vineyards. In an idyllic setting, you will enjoy the calm of our countryside and the quality of life we find there. According to the formulas displayed, the hosts offer breakfasts, treatments and spa, or regional cooking.
  • Discover the food and wine pairings. Making wine is an art, effectivly matching it with the right food is another. During special tastings, sometimes blind, you will learn to combine the sometimes complex characteristics of wines with the flavours of the dishes to be associated.

One thing is certain, gourmet tourism in the heart of the vineyards, we validate!

Lucas Chartier

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