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Top 3 wine games

In order to better understand the world of wine and develop your knowledge, here is a small selection of the three best games around wine: Quiz, general knowledge, interactive games... There is something for everyone. Prepare your dice, your pawns and your brains!

Wine Quiz: a fun game to develop your knowledge of wine

As its name suggests, this game in the form of a colourful fan is a fun tool to develop your knowledge of wine. Created by David Cobbold and Sébastien Durand-Viel - two great wine tasters, the game gives you the opportunity to ask more than 240 questions. These different quizzes aim to make you unbeatable in the world of wine!

Practice alone or with others!

Ludovino, online games for wine lovers

Online gaming platform, Ludovino is very well made for all wine lovers. You can find basic quizzes but also interactive games with vineyard maps and lots of other things. Simple, fast and free, there are different themes and there is something for everyone! Let's take an example with the theme: Locate the different AOC (Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée) on a map. You won't get away unscathed!

Pommard or Pomerol : 500 questions about wine

Thanks to this book, discover more than 500 questions written by Kilien Stengel (Committed Gastronome!) divided into 10 tests of 50 questions.

What is a selection of noble grains? What is the smallest AOC in France or can champagne be produced elsewhere than in Champagne?

You are rather initiated or beginners, this book is too high for a simple neophyte but you still have the right to test your knowledge! To shine around a meal or simply at the bend of a conversation.

Thanks to these three games dedicated to the world of wine, you'll have no more excuses to shine at your next parties!

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