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A box set signed "Les Grappes"

Les Clppes offers your employees tailor-made boxes for your employees. This allows you to find THE composition that suits you and will most importantly appeal to your employees. The offers proposed vary to correspond to different budget ranges. It is also an opportunity to discover winegrowers and wines that are out of the ordinary. The wines selected by Les Grappes are sold directly by the winegrowers, which allows you to benefit from the best possible prices and our team remains at your disposal to advise you and help you in your choice.

A tasting in your premises

In companies, employee motivation is the main driver of success. A team that is united and committed to the company is more likely to do everything possible to achieve its objectives and even go beyond them. Sharing moments and experiences with colleagues helps to create a bond that will bring your teams together. A tasting session awakens the senses and above all facilitates communication between the participants! Organizing a tasting for your employees therefore promises a convivial, sharing and discovery moment, which will benefit your company. You will be able to discover together different wines, grape varieties, and enrich your oenological knowledge.

A team visit to a domain (an oenotourism getaway)

Discover wine tourism with colleagues? Here is another way of "team-building" that will lead to the well-being of employees and therefore of your company. On Les Grappes, some winegrowers offer estate tours for up to 100 people. Instead of tasting wine in your offices, why not go to the middle of the vineyards. You can visit an estate, stroll between the vineyards and discover the cellars and cellars. This experience will also help you discover all the secrets of making a wine. The visit will end with a tasting to end the day on a pleasant and sharing note!

A corkscrew in recycled oak barrels

For those who prefer to give a material and lasting gift, here is the ideal gift! Whether for a wine lover or a wine lover, this object makes it possible to link the useful to the pleasant. We all need a corkscrew at some point, so why not offer a corkscrew that stands out from the crowd? There are now corkscrews on the market whose handles are made from oak barrels used to make great wines. It is a beautiful object that also gives a second life to barrels that have marked the history of wine.

A game to discover oenology

Various games allow you to test your nose and your knowledge of aromas and wines. These games allow us to enrich our knowledge of wine, refine our nose and improve our olfactory memory. These are fun games where all players can have fun. No special knowledge of wine is necessary to have a good time around these games. With family, friends or wine lovers, there is something for everyone!

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