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After the guides and books on the world of wine, we invite you to meet, listen and see this universe through our selection of wine documentaries. Indeed, we invite you to meet this world and its actors through documentary films made around the same and unique passion. The words given to the winegrowers and their vineyards make it possible to grasp a more human aspect of this culture, and to see the new concerns of the wine craftsmen stand out.

"The spirit of wine: the awakening of the terroirs", d’Olympus and Yvon Minvielle

L'esprit du vin - Blog Les Grappes

Finally, it is the question of time that is raised through The Spirit of Wine: the awakening of the terroirs: how to envisage the present time? the future time? through agriculture, culture. In a word, it is therefore the sustainable aspect of culture that is evoked here by winegrowers who testify and share their experiences, explain their choices, their values and their motivations.

In this documentary we find the poetry of culture through the soils, fruits, the lunar calendar, animals... Olympe and Yvon Minvielle make a bucolic documentary film but also calling for a lasting return to nature and its preciousness.

Trailer: http://renaissance-des-appellations.com/video/film-biodynamie-lesprit-du-vin-le-reveil-des-terroirs/

VOD in French, English, Spanish: http://www.planetwines.tv

"À la source du vin" by Philippe Gasnier (Grand Prix Œnovidéo 2015)

A la source du vin - Blog Les Grappes

This documentary film retraces the adventure of the Loire winegrowers who went to Georgia to discover the oldest known technique: winemaking in Kvevri. Kvevri is an amphora into which the grapes are poured, crushed and left to ferment. For these winegrowers, the aim is to produce a wine that respects the land and people, by combining this winemaking technique with non-intervention experiences applied in the world of vines and wine.

Through the images of "A la source du vin", we find the possibility of links between countries, between cultures, between past and present, proof of the possibility of a community, of a "living together" in connection with respect for nature. A technical but also profoundly human lesson.

Link to the documentary: http://www.villemade.net/A-LA-SOURCE-DU-VIN-DOCUMENTAIRE.html

"New World Organic Wines" : Olivia Sinet's world tour

Les vins bio du nouveau monde - Blog Les Grappes

A film directed by Olivia Sinet for the tour of the world's organic and biodynamic winegrowers. This documentary film offers the opportunity to understand these techniques and their secrets, but also to understand the director's approach, which shows her motivations and her commitment to organic viticulture.

Olivia Sinet aims to trace the origins of organic viticulture in the countries of the New World while explaining the challenges of this approach to the world of wine. This includes both agricultural techniques and soil microbiology in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Chile. Les vins bios du Nouveau Monde is therefore a film that invites you to travel to discover the history and universe of organic viticulture, as well as the world of viticulture and even the world itself, from a new perspective.

Trailer: http://www.laclefdesterroirs.com/base-de-connaissance/films/les-vins-bios-du-nouveau-monde

"Insecticide my love" by Guillaume Bodin: the committed documentary film

Insecticide mon amour - Blog les Grappes

Awarded the special mention "feature film" by the Grand Jury of the 22nd Oenovideo Festival, as well as the Public Prize of the city of Cluny, this documentary film is the result of an investigation lasting more than two years initiated by the director, Guillaume Bodin.

Insecticide mon amour retraces the journey of Guillaume, 26 years old, an agricultural worker in Saône-et-Loire, who, faced with compulsory insecticide treatments against the flavescence dorée leafhopper, decided to conduct the investigation. Thus this documentary takes us to meet actors from the wine and scientific communities who have raised their voices against these insecticide treatments: Jean-Marc Bonmatin (researcher at the CNRS who denounced the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment), Claude and Lydia Bourguigon.
In total, we see the emergence of a collective of winegrowers who defend respect for the environment in the face of the use of pesticides. A committed documentary, therefore, that uses the defence of the land, fauna and flora.

Trailer: http://renaissance-des-appellations.com/video/insecticide-mon-amour/

Arte documentaries: "Wines à la carte"

Wines à la carte - Burgundy by yus75555555

Finally, on the Arte en replay website, we find a number of reports on wine, classified in the "Wines à la carte" category. Each report lasts less than thirty minutes and focuses mainly on a wine-growing region, mainly in France but also around the world. Here is the opportunity to (re)discover a part of the menu or a part of the wine world. We have chosen to share the most consulted report on Burgundy through the celebration of the Trois Glorieuses de Beaune, an example of the diversity and documentation provided by Arte.

Replay Le Bourgogne to be found on the website: http://www.arte.tv/guide/fr/029213-005-A/vins-a-la-carte?country=FR

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