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Who are the stakeholders of wine tourism training?

If you are passionate about wine tourism and would like to pursue a career in this sector, you will be spoilt in your choice. More theoretical courses, or more concrete applications? Don’t worry, everyone will find something that will suit its need ! From Kedge Business School to the University of Bordeaux and INSEEC Business School, we offer you a list of the best training in wine tourism. Surfing on the wine tourism trend, training institutions are fully booked from one year to the next. Then, jump at the opportunity!

The best training courses in wine tourism

On the university side

Several universities offer trainings in wine tourism. The University of Nimes, for example, offers a Professional Degree in « Wine Tourism and Projects ». It is possible to follow the training with sandwich courses or on an ongoing basis. The major asset of this training is the number of interventions of major players in the sector.

To continue your studies, you could go for the Master’s degree in « Wine Economics, Wine Tourism and Interculturality » from the University of Bordeaux Montaigne. Located in the heart of the city, this master’s degree focuses on the international dimension of wine tourism to meet the needs of multicultural customers and on understanding the challenges of wine tourism development.

The University Institute of Vine and Wine bears its name well. If you want to become a professional in vine growing and to learn winemaking techniques, this is what you need ! The Burgundy school, located in Dijon, also offers service-oriented training courses such as: the marketing of wine products, oenology or oenotourism.

Business schools specialising in wine-making

With a baccalaureate in your pocket, you can start your course in higher education with the Bachelor « Wine Business and oenotourism » from INSEEC, located in Bordeaux. KEDGE Business School, a business school in Bordeaux, offers a Master’s degree in Wine and Spirits to pursue your studies, highly prized by students who are passionate about wine and want to become experts in wine tourism. The Bordeaux school offers its training in alternation with a professional activity or on a continuous basis.

The Burgundy School of Business group offers a master’s degree in international trade in wines and spirits. If you choose this course, you will be attached to the SWSB (School of Wine and Spirits Business) created in 2013 by the group.

Independent training courses

There are also alternative training courses. The Amboise Wine and Agriculture College offers a complete training with two specializations. It leads to the award of a State-recognized certificate under the titles « Organic Viticulture » and « Wine Marketing ».

Do you know of any other training courses on wine tourism? Contact us, we will be happy to add them to our article.



Lucas Chartier

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