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It is in Burgundy that you will find the rarest wines in France...

Such tiny appellations... and so requested!

The world of AOCs (Appellations d'Origine Contrôlées) is definitely full of surprises. Huge AOCs such as "Bordeaux" (about 50,000 hectares) coexist with AOCs the size of a football field.

And the smaller the appellation, the less wine there is on the market. Here again, it is Burgundy and its "climates" that stands out. Monks and winegrowers have taken detail to the extreme and the AOCs are often considered as large ensembles in which the renowned terroirs and famous climates are intertwined.

1/ La Romanée - Côte de Nuits, Burgundy - 0.85 hectares (the rarest wine)

It is the smallest AOC in France and undoubtedly one of the most prestigious Grands Crus in Burgundy.

Contrary to what one might think, it is not Romanée-Conti, the smallest Grand Cru in Burgundy, but La Romanée!

This "Climate" the size of a football field belongs in monopoly to the Domaine du comte Liger-Belair. 4000 bottles per year, it is the rarest wine in France, fight!

2/ Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet - Côte de Beaune, Burgundy - 1.57 hectares

It is the smallest AOC of white wines in France, we are still in Burgundy but here in Côte de Beaune.

Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet is part of the whole that constitutes the terroirs of the Grands Crus de blancs de la Côte de Beaune. Alongside the Grands Crus Bâtard-Montrachet, Le Montrachet, Bienvenue-Bâtard-Montrachet, Chevalier-Montrachet and Montrachet, Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet is one of the rarest and most prestigious white wines in France and the world.

In this "little corner" of the Côte de Beaune, between Puligny- and Chassagne-Montrachet, the most beautiful Chardonnay in the world and among the most beautiful white wines in the world are produced.

Don't worry, even if the Grands Crus are very expensive and often difficult to find, there are still some Premiers Crus and Villages of Puligny or Chassagne that remain accessible and which allow you to discover these great terroirs.

3/ La Grande Rue - Côte de Nuits, Burgundy - 1.65 hectares

Of these 5 rarest wines in France, here is already the second one located in the commune of Vosne-Romanée in the heart of the Côte de Nuits.

The Grand Cru "La Grande Rue" is located not far from the famous Romanée-Conti, just on the other side of the small road that separates them.

Another common point with La Romanée is that La Grande Rue is also a monopoly. Only Domaine François Lamarche produces and sells this wine, which is also (almost) impossible to find!

4/ La Romanée Conti - Côte de Nuits, Burgundy - 1.77 hectares

No need to go back over this mythical wine, the most famous red Burgundy, the greatest of the Grands Crus of the Côte de Nuits.

Here again, La Romanée Conti happens to be the monopoly of the eponymous estate, the Domaine de la Romanée Conti. Do not expect to ring the bell at the domain for someone to sell you some, only the recipients (customers belonging to a closed list) of the domain can buy some (only one bottle per year...) and only on the condition that they buy at the same time the other wines of the domain.

Your only chance to acquire the famous bottle: auctions. And there, beware of the numerous counterfeits that circulate. Also plan to empty your Livret A passbook. Romanée Conti is the second most expensive wine in the world with an average price of $13,687...

5/ Château Grillet - Northern Rhône (Côte-rôtie, Condrieu), Côtes du Rhône - 3.5 hectares

Owned since June 2011 by François Pinault (also owner of the famous Château Latour in Pauillac), Château-Grillet, with its 3.5 hectares, is the monopoly of the eponymous estate. This "Château" is the smallest appellation in the Rhône Valley. Outside Burgundy, it is one of the rarest wines in France (and the world). But you can still buy them more easily than the great Burgundies. Of course, it's not cheap...

The AOC Château-Grillet resembles its big sister the Condrieu appellation, both are geographically glued and composed exclusively of the viognier grape variety. Located 500 metres above the Rhône River, its vines form an amphitheatre of rows perched on steep "staircase" walls. Great! Great!

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