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Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le vin sans jamais oser le demander

Do you want to see castles and vineyards from a different angle? We offer you six atypical wine-focused activities, designed by the winegrowers to help you discover their lands, their vines and the work they do every day. Far from the simple « visit + tasting », discover a range of activities to share alone, with a partner, family or friends!

The escape game in the vineyards

Forget hiking in the vineyards under the blazing sun! At Domaine de Pierre et Bertrand Couly, in Chinon, the estate’s winegrowers have found an original way to visit and taste the wines of their property.

Solving puzzles and puzzles offers a unique moment in the heart of Bertrand Couly’s personal cellars.

For a maximum of one hour (3 to 8 players), you will have the opportunity to brainstorm puzzles that are considered impossible to solve! If you like Rubik’s Cube, insurmountable challenges, wine and beautiful landscapes, this offbeat tour is for you!

A night in a barrel

« This weekend, I spent the night in a barrel. » You’ll make your office colleagues hallucinate Monday morning by telling them about your weekend!

Yes, this is what the Domaine du Rocher des Dames, in Beaumes-de-Venise in the Rhône, offers you. The cosy and cosy atmosphere, as zany as it may seem, will quickly put you at ease… even though you are in the middle of the vineyards!

If you opt for this unparalleled wine tourism experience, you can stroll through the 22 hectares of vines cultivated by the Couly family. And finally, why not combine business with pleasure? The winegrowers offer you a tasting of the Château’s wines.

The nudist harvest

For lovers of nature and freedom, this is THE meeting not to be missed. Pierre Deshors, winegrower and owner of the house, welcomes grape pickers every year…. a little particular! For the second edition of these naturist harvests at Le Crest, in the Puy-de-Dôme, they were 22 volunteers determined to harvest the grapes, naked!

You will have the opportunity to experience the outdoors, without barriers, and in a good mood. It is in a relaxed and liberated atmosphere that you will participate in the cutting of the bunches and learn more about wine-making techniques.

The program is attractive so don’t hesitate, drop the pants!

A tasting in an atomic shelter

Discover how to taste a wine, recognize its aromas… in a bunker ? It is possible. The idea was developed by Edouard Miailhewhose father built this atomic shelter during the Cold War. At Château Siran, it is in the basement that you can taste the vintages!

Indeed, the oldest vintages are kept in a bunker, the oldest of which dates back to 1912. Welcomed by the cellar master, you will be able to taste more than a hundred years of vintage, more than 6 meters underground. For lovers of unusual wine tourism, it is clearly a must!

Stroll in the vineyards in a limousine

For lovers of rhinestones and glitter, Château de Loudenne, in the Médoc, offers a rather special stroll in its vineyards! If you don’t know this great name of Bordeaux, Château de Loudenne is: the only castle in Bordeaux that has its own private port, art exhibitions by popular artists and wine-channel tastings. A class act!

In addition to these unconventional services, the institution offers limousine rides in the heart of its vineyard: there, we reach the top of the oenotourism sophistication! During this tour of just over an hour, the tasting is commented and offered. We were expecting nothing less, considering the standing…

If you want to discover a magnificent castle and its vines and you are tired of wearing out the underside of your soles… you know where to go!

A dinner at 55 meters above the ground

Discover high-ranking food and wine pairings 55 metres above the ground, on a suspended table? Yes, it’s possible! The Tain winery, a historical player in the wine production of the Rhône Valley, offers an original experience to learn everything about the harvesters’ Crus (and yes, the institution only deals with harvesters).

You will taste the most prestigious Rhône appellations such as Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph or Cornas, all under the sign of a high-flying wine tourism. And it is on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the house that you will have fun with wine tastings and gourmet dishes.

You don’t feel dizzy, you like wine, go for it!

If you prefer, we also give you advice on how to plan a wine tourism itinerary more classic.



Lucas Chartier

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