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Everything you always wanted to know about wine but never dared to ask

No need to pretend that you know how to analyse the colour of a wine: all you need is a little imagination, and to follow Jules Lamon's advice. This is how to become the undisputed champion of air tasting in two minutes!

Don't you want to pretend to be the expert you're not?

This week, you may be meeting up with friends, at home or in a restaurant. Who brings the wine? And above all... who tastes it?

Several times now, the waiter hands it to you with a glass so that you can say whether or not the wine deserves to be drunk. But you're tired of pretending to be the expert you're not. Unfortunately, even if the wine were corked, you wouldn't be sure to realize it...

Don't panic, it happens to more people than you think! So here is a video that gives you the keys to analyze the color of a wine. You'll see that all you have to do is do the right thing and be a little bit creative.

Behind these whiskers is Jules Lamon, who had fun showing how to do it. To your drinks to practice!

And have a good tasting!

Tiphaine (Les Grappes)

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