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The wine list is the medium between your products and the consumer. It must therefore be effective, in order to attract and inform the customer. She is the one who promotes wines. To do this, the wine list of your bar, cellar or restaurant must prove to be a real marketing tool. Les Grappes offers you some tips to improve your wine lists and make them a marketing tool.

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The essentials

Before starting, we suggest that you review the essential elements for a wine list. If it is to be a marketing tool, it must first and foremost comply with the law!

Thus, you must include the following information on your card:

-the net price, including service - the sales
names, separating table wines (without geographical indication), vins de pays and PDOs; - the
quantities served: in bottles, preferably in centilitres; indicate each type of bottle by its capacity.

For any further information on how to draw up a wine list, we suggest you refer to our article on this subject here.

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Food and wine

Accord Mets et Vins

Then, you can promote your wines by proposing food and wine pairings. The wine list can immediately suggest associations with dishes, and even indicate Plat + Vin formulas (by the glass), in order to systematise consumption. This can also be done for boards, accompanied by a glass or a bottle of wine, which will be perfect as an aperitif.

Your card will then have to present the advantages of these agreements, play on the delicacy to seduce your customers.
In a restaurant, you can also register a wine of the day with the daily special, which will go perfectly with this first one.

The combination of food and wine could seduce the most gourmands, and allow the development of your sales. It is therefore up to you to highlight these alliances on your card, always taking care to seduce the customer.

Promote the products

carte de vin choisir ses produits

To create a real marketing tool, you must carefully choose the products you will advertise in your card and in your establishment.

You can play on the unexpected and the expected, by offering great wines, wines that cannot be ignored in an establishment - we think for example of the great appellations, the wines of Bordeaux, the white wines of Alsace... But you will also have to offer rarer, more original products, which will arouse the curiosity of consumers. It is also about surprising the customer by offering new products.
While allowing the development of these products from smaller productions, you will be able to mark your originality. It is therefore necessary to play on the diversity of the products offered, by showing a mastery of the products.
Also, one of the tactics is to offer wines from the region in which you have set up your establishment: the regional side is very successful with customers who want to taste local products. Thus, promoting regional wines through your menu would allow for increased wine consumption in your establishment.

Wine by the glass

vin au verre la tendance

To boost your sales, your card must adapt to current consumption practices, and thus meet consumer expectations. The current trend is to sell wines by the glass, which allows the customer to consume less, but better. It also allows you to increase your sales and turnover, since this practice is very profitable for you.
Thus on your menu you can propose the price of wines by the bottle but also by the glass. You can also make a selection of wines, only served by the glass. In this section, we could find, for example, wines from small producers, which you will promote in this way. If the customer wants to consume less, but better, satisfy this expectation by offering the wines that will be best suited to it!

The renewal

One of the mistakes not to make is to take your wine list for granted. On the contrary, you must constantly renew it, adapt it to the tastes of the day and adapt it to the consumption of your establishment. Indeed, it must lend itself to modulations in the clientele, its age, its type of consumption. This way your card will be able to satisfy these customers, and by following their consumption practices, will be able to build their loyalty.
Finally, you must be attentive to new products, and constantly offer new products, in order to always surprise the customer. As you will have understood, the key is in the game of surprise and curiosity that you discuss with the consumer. It is an eternal seduction that your wine list will operate. And to seduce, what could be better than the uninterrupted surprise?

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