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The whole of the Hermitage hill is occupied by vines. It is the fiefdom of Syrah, the emblematic grape variety of the red wines of the Côtes du Rhône Septentrionaux.
Moreover, whether written with or without H, all the wines of the AOC Hermitage come from grapes planted on these slopes.
At its top, the chapel, classified as a historic monument, was built on the site of a Roman temple. Later, a knight returning from the Crusade chose this site to withdraw from the world and set up his hermitage there. The name of the hill pays tribute to him.
From here you have a magnificent view of the southern part of the Saint-Joseph vineyard, on the other side of the Rhône, but also of some of the Crozes-Hermitage plateaus, the most extensive of the northern Côtes du Rhône appellations.
With such landscapes, how can you resist the call of a walk on one or the other side of the Rhône? Especially since the proposals are many and varied: hikes, walks, tastings by foot, gyropod, electric bicycle or even in Rosalie!
Enough to escape on roads with enchanting names: the panoramic road, the belvedere road, the mythical national 7....
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