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In the region, the Rhône holds a central position. To begin with, he was the one who sculpted these steep slopes and steep hills. He did things right because Hermitage Hill has been a National Heritage Site since 2013!
A tumultuous and dangerous river to navigate, the Rhône is nevertheless a historical transport route through which the Romans arrived. They planted the cultivation of the vines here and shaped these narrow terraced landscapes. Moreover, between the vineyards of the Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage and Saint-Joseph appellations, the vine seems to follow the course of the river assiduously as if to prove the local adage right: "for the wine to be good, the vine must see the river".
Today, the Rhône current also serves as a guide for our walks. You can follow it by road, via the mythical National 7 or from the Viarhôna which allows you to pedal safely over thirty kilometres of the area. And of course, cruise ships naturally offer a privileged view of these breathtaking landscapes.

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