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In the South Ardèche, heritage and viticulture have a beautiful common history. Like the ancient city of Alba la Romaine. It is located in the middle of the vineyards. This has been the case since ancient times! And at that time, wine was already being produced and sold, which benefited Alba's wealth.

With an occupation of the territory attested since prehistoric times, favoured in particular by a strategic position between the Rhône Valley and Nîmes, it is not surprising that we find everywhere a rich and varied heritage.

The Bishops' Palace is another fine example of this heritage. As the architecture of Bourg Saint-Andéol in general, it is the affirmation of the prestige and prosperity that the city has offered itself through trade and especially that of wine, again!

And we are working to protect this beautiful heritage! Like the vines, which are always very present, it gives character to the landscapes.

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