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Catering is a sector that is constantly evolving and to stay in touch, there is nothing better than keeping up to date on its developments and regularly receiving useful advice. We have selected 10 blogs and media to follow to be updated on the latest news in the sector!

Kiss My Chef

This blog, which sometimes has an offbeat tone, covers very broad topics aimed at restaurateurs and food lovers: from trendy establishments to advice on raw materials, recipe tips, highlighting producers, upcoming events, training courses and innovations in the sector... A very complete and pleasant blog to read and explore!

Food and Sens

This blog is in the same vein as Kiss My Chef since it also covers a large number of themes in the restaurant industry, both for restaurateurs themselves and for lovers of the sector. This blog, initiated by the Pourcel Brothers, contains a section dedicated to them. Of course, other sections follow the latest news from the other great French chefs!


This independent media has been in existence since 2010 and informs and deciphers new trends in gastronomy in France and abroad. It is a media that claims to be of opinion since it seeks to stimulate debate and shake up codes through free and independent discourse. Namely: some of its articles are not free because they are reserved for subscribers.

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Hotels and restaurants

This medium can be very useful on a daily basis for restaurateurs. It covers a wide range of topics on industry news, practical information on legal, hygiene or even marketing topics, and even job and business opportunities. It should be noted that to access all content, you must be a subscriber. This also gives you the right to receive their daily newsletter so you don't miss out on any news about the restaurant.

The Chief

This magazine is intended more particularly for chefs. He draws up portraits of chefs in both the kitchen and pastry shops, advice on how to run a restaurant and recommendations on products to use in the kitchen. This well-targeted magazine is even more qualitative for its readers. However, please note that to access all articles, you must subscribe.

BRA Tendances Restauration

This magazine is part of the same group as Le Chef: the RHF group, which includes other magazines focused on the restaurant and hotel industry. We selected this one with Le Chef, because it targets restaurateurs well and informs them, as its name suggests, about the trends in the restaurant world: files, case studies, news and testimonies... The content is rich and informative. As with Le Chef, you must subscribe to access the full articles.


This time, we are moving away from the news on the great chefs and French gastronomy to focus on the practical information in the daily life of restaurateurs. The sections are more oriented towards the digitization of his restaurant, tips and tricks to open one and manage it as well as some more unusual and offbeat articles. We particularly appreciate their free downloadable guides on these same themes, which are very practical as a reference for restaurateurs.


This blog was created by LivePepper, a company that offers online booking systems for restaurants. However, his blog is not just a way to promote his system as it provides real expertise for restaurateurs on digital marketing and new technologies for restaurateurs. Their content is interesting to follow to learn a little more about how to modernize your restaurant and increase profitability.

Table noise

This blog mainly publishes videos and not articles, as all those mentioned above, intended for professionals in the gastronomy industry. Most of the videos give a voice to French gastronomy professionals, from producers to chefs. A dynamic and attractive format to discover the great chefs and their secrets...

Toqués de la restauration

It's not a blog but a Facebook page to follow: it shares content for catering professionals, ranging from tips and tricks to gossip and favourites, with unusual testimonies and news. A way to easily learn about the sector and keep up to date on its developments!

And you? What blogs or media do you follow to keep up to date with industry news?

If you would like to know all the latest news about wine in the restaurant industry, don't hesitate to visit the blog The Clusters Tips, tricks, portraits of winegrowers and unusual news, you will become unbeatable on the subject!

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