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It's official, Sunday, May 29, you will have to use your imagination to satisfy the person who matters most to you. This is a person who has known you all his life and expects to be (a little) spoiled that day! Yes, your mother! Hugging or rather cold? Emotional or unperturbed? You love her despite her character, so what would the bottle be made for her?

Does your mother prefer anything that is ORGANIC?

Depending on his favorite color, we can recommend some nice labels. Take for example the Menetou Salon du domaine Philippe GilbertA very beautiful dry white wine from the Loire Valley, with a nose of citrus fruits and white flowers, which would go perfectly with an oyster platter!

If she prefers red wine, don't hesitate and offer her a wine from the Rhône Valley of the domaine Ferme des Arnaud A ruby colour and a nose of young fruit slightly liquorice.

Is Mommy pretty bubbly?

Offer him a champagne: the Brimoncourt house for example with its cuvée Régence is a very nice reference. Its bubbles are fine and its nose offers aromas of yellow fruits and white flowers.

If you prefer a sparkling wine, beautiful quality but you don't want to break the piggy bank, we recommend a Sparkling Vouvray from Château de Valmer (Loire) with a very pure character and an assertive minerality, ideal for a mother-daughter aperitif!

Is Mom greedy? She'll like sweet wines!

There are many appellations in France that offer wines that are more or less full of sugar. She will only be able to recognize the Monbazillac appellation, a wine from the South of France known to be quite sweet. First choice, Château Le Terme Blanc is very well balanced and its candied fruit notes will perfectly suit your mother's palate.

If you want to go to the north of France instead, go to Alsace and offer him a Gewurztraminer (if you pronounce it correctly, your sweet mother will be even more impressed!) of the Bott Geyl estate.

With this beautiful selection, you will have a lot of choice, but as the saying goes: "There is only the intention that counts". So no stress, your dear mother will be the most fulfilled in any way!

Guénaëlle (Les Grappes)

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