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Managing your stocks is never easy for a restaurateur or a wine merchant: follow the entries and exits, know when to recommend without finding yourself in a situation of overstock or out of stock, whether in wine or for the products necessary for the menu. It is therefore essential to keep a close eye on your stocks to ensure a complete offer to your customers. Who has never ordered a wine that has proved unavailable? After often a while choosing the right bottle to order, the moment the waiter tells us that it is no longer available always generates a feeling of frustration, whether for the wine or for a dish on the menu. Avoiding stock shortages means avoiding frustrating customers.

For products subject to seasonality, indicate the property on the card so as not to give your customers false hopes.

The interest of good stock management is obvious, what is a good stock question? That is a more complex question.

To answer this question, there is nothing like digital: indeed, digital offers a very wide range of possibilities, especially for stock management. By equipping yourself with the right tools, you can make sure that you don't let anything go by and that you manage your stocks correctly. A follow-up via an excel or even a sheet of paper quickly leaves room for errors and omissions. With digital, more reliable and faster solutions exist to control all bottle inlets and outlets in stock and to know the right times to recommend. Digital tools therefore allow you to gain in reliability and also to save you a lot of time since many tasks are automated or even deleted. Saving time on your administrative tasks means more time to focus on the quality of your service, your product selections and your cooking. We have selected a few tools from the wide range of tools available for digital inventory management.

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Wine stock management

For wine specific stock management, there is the Somm'itwhich defines itself as a digital sommelier who helps to build the wine list, select the wines, monitor the performance of wine sales and above all control the cellar's stocks. The advantage of this tool is that it allows you to manage your wine sales, while alerting you when there is a need to recommend. It is specific for wine and is therefore adapted to the management of your cellar. This advantage also makes it its disadvantage since it will not allow you to track the stocks of other products in your restaurant, those needed for your menus, your other drinks, etc....

Global inventory management

If you need a more global inventory management tool (management of all products), we advise you The Addition. The addition is a cash register system that goes far beyond inventory management. This tool also includes order taking, collection, a reservation system. The fact that it is so complete makes it so easy to use and manage for its inventory management functionality. With one click, you can record the quantity entries and their prices. You will also have a reference quantity to define that corresponds to the quantity from which you need to replenish your stocks. You can also indicate the stock removals corresponding to broken or expired products, etc... Finally, the fact that this tool is also connected to the order taking tool allows the server to know directly during the order taking if a dish is available in the kitchen or not.

In the same way, there is also the tool Easilyswhich also makes it easy to manage stock entries and removals. This tool is not a cash register tool but is also complete since it allows the management of menus and recipes in restaurants, which is also very important for inventory management to know the quantities of each product.

Some basic rules of inventory management

So you have an idea of the digital tools that exist to manage its stocks and their functionalities. Despite this automation, it is still necessary to ensure some basic rules on inventory management:

  • regularly check if the actual stock is the one indicated on the tool. It is always possible to forget to enter or exit manually.
  • follow the "first in, first out" rule to prevent certain products from lapsing and to ensure that stocks are sold successfully, especially when you want to renew your card
  • Anticipate your reference quantities: the reference quantity may vary on similar products if the suppliers are different and their speed of delivery may vary according to the supplier. They must therefore be well defined, taking into account all these factors and potential hazards.

You therefore have all the information you need to manage your stocks properly and avoid wasting too much time on this. To avoid wasting time in other management positions, there are many others essential tools for conservators for the management of recruitment, reservation, supply, etc... To provide you with wine for example, Les Grappes Pro offers catering professionals the opportunity to simplify the direct purchase from winegrowers, while offering them advice on how to create your map and to make his wine selection.

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