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You bought a bottle of champagne for tonight and you're wondering how to open it, making a good impression? It's time to move on to the practical work!

Sabrer or Sabler le champagne?

Do not confuse these two terms! "Spoil the champagne" means enjoy the champagne at an event. The origin of this expression comes from the time when the bottle of champagne was put in wet sand to keep it cool. "Splitting champagne" means opening the bottle with a sword in one fell swoop. This expression comes from a Russian tradition where the tsar's officers opened champagne bottles with great pomp and circumstance. If you want to try to cut a bottle of champagne, make sure the champagne is very fresh. Then, look on the neck for the thread of the bottle (it is the joint between the two parts of the bottle). With a "lighter" sabre or a long knife, give a dry, safe and fast blow on the edge following the thread.

It is also possible to slice the champagne with a spoon or the base of a flute. But here, we wish you good luck because it takes a lot more practice...

Traditional method

If you don't want to risk sabering and making a flop, there is the traditional method of opening a champagne bottle. Here are some basic rules to follow: 1. avoid shaking the bottle before opening. Tilt the bottle 45°, release the loop from the cap. 3. Turn the cork slightly by holding it firmly by its upper part and unplug gently by turning the bottom of the bottle. Good to know: The more noise there is when the bottle is opened, the more you give up the taste of champagne! And be careful: an uncontrolled champagne cork can reach a speed of nearly 50km/h!!!!

Have a happy holiday!

Shamini (Les Grappes)

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