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In the previous article, we gave you some of the following tips to help you set the "wine" budget for your wedding. Today, we will focus on the wine of honour. This moment marks the beginning of the festivities once your union is celebrated, so it must be festive and light. What better way to get started than with bubbles?!

For a sparkling wine of honour, choose a winegrower's champagne

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When it comes to bubbles, the champagne is usually the first thing you think about and it's often a very good choice. But here we are, for a wine of honour, we must not forget that you will have to buy a significant number of bottles and the invoice can very quickly disappear depending on the type of champagne you are going to choose.

To limit costs, the best idea is to favour champagnes from small producers. More affordable than those of large houses and just as good, winegrower's champagnes also have the advantage of being very diverse. Raw, semi-dry, rosé, white of whites (champagnes obtained from vintages made exclusively from chardonnay) or white of blacks (champagnes made from vintages made exclusively from pinot noir and/or miller), whatever your preference, there is a good chance that you will find a winegrower's champagne that will please you.

Trust crémants and other sparkling wines for your wine of honour

If champagne is a good option for your wine of honour, know that when it comes to sparkling wines, there are many other alternatives that are just as attractive and often less expensive.

Why not fall for a nice crémant, for example? Cremants are made using a method similar to that used for champagnes, known as the "traditional method", but in other areas of the appellation and with other grape varieties. You will find delicious crémants at very good quality/price ratios in the Loire, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace and also in the Jura.

If you are not attracted to crémants, you can also be tempted by other equally tasty sparkling wines, such as an effervescent Vouvray, a Clairette de Die, an ancestral Gaillacoise method, or even a natural sparkling wine (or pet'nat) for a touch of madness.

Whatever your choice, keep in mind that a quality sparkling wine made outside Champagne will always be a better option than a bad champagne.

The most important thing is to select something that you like and is sufficiently unifying (not too sweet and rather fresh), so before making your choice, do not hesitate to taste several different champagnes or sparkling wines. Enjoy them alone, but also with the side dishes you intend to serve during the wine of honour to check that the agreements work.

In the next article in this "wedding" series, we will discuss the question of food and wine pairings with a crucial element in the choice of wines for your wedding: the menu!

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