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With numb legs and a beating heart, it's not always easy to make the right choice when it comes to knowing what to drink for a first date. Today we are sharing with you all our secrets for a successful first meeting!

Let's tackle the problem in a thoughtful way. To hell with feelings and memories that could be risky or even counterproductive. We're looking for results, aren't we? If the term "first date" seems clear enough, we will consider this to be - for the sake of spiciness - a date.

All we have to do now is extend the question. Because the real question, the one that will allow us to start with a healthy reasoning, is "with whom? Because it's all here! So of course some will argue that the first date is precisely the opportunity to show yourself as you are. This can be heard and it is indeed delicate. The simplest method is to consider that any woman can be "classified" in one of the following 6 categories. It is vulgar, shameful, we agree, but it is necessary for our demonstration, not to mention that we will accept without too much vehemence that we do the same with the opposite sex. Then, you will only have to do a preliminary observation work, classify and the answer will be there before you, brilliant, surprisingly simple, beautifully mathematical.

La Bourgeoise

Imagine if you could be courted without the most romantic bubbles in the world? Unthinkable for the bourgeoisie! However, there is no need to get tired of trying to find the confidential Champagne. Grab a brand, here it's not the taste that counts but the respect of the label. A Consensual Word (the same as Dad's) will win his trust. Or try a Pol Roger Pure, more raw, but now you are already starting to become revolutionary....

The nerd

The risk with the nerd is that she will leave on topics that you don't master. The choice of bottle will allow you to guide the discussion, strategist that you are! Review your Latin course on ancient Rome and its practical philosophies (epicureanism, hedonism, this could inspire the rest of the evening) and let's start with the Carpe Diem vintage from Domaine de Laballe. A great Southwestern wine with a fresh and light attack: you won't be able to miss this quiet cuvée with its intense nose.

The shy one

So here it is a question of being delicate, considerate and attentive. Wine can help you put the shy person at ease in two ways. The first, and most obvious, is that the few grams of alcohol contained in our "dive bottle" soothe and relax. The second way to put you at ease is through the message sent by the bottle. The La Passion des Anges wine from Domaine Saint Laurent in Côtes du Rhône will lay the foundations for a successful evening with its evoking name.

The artist

The artist is a bit like the nerd, be careful not to get caught up in subjects that escape us. Then review your bio of René Magritte and bring out the Marius Blanc cuvée from Domaine de la Dourbie in Languedoc. The Roussane of this wine will leave your partner speechless!

The nympho

Cliché, cliché, cliché, cliché. Don't be shy, install a certain complicity and complicity from the very beginning with the "Grololo" cuvée from the excellent Domaine Pithon-Paillé. A fruity, generous and digestible grolleau. It's all fun and games!

The adventurer

No need to go to Lavinia's to find the latest wine from Brazil, Mexico or Tahiti! We have everything we need in France. There is nothing better for an adventuress than a taste discovery: a wine made with Syrah. The cuvée L'aventure du Château Valmont en Corbières is astonishing with its bewitching purple colour and a length in the mouth that leaves no one indifferent. In addition, the name of the cuvée is doubly in the theme...


As an epilogue, we would like to point out that the list below is not exhaustive. The best way to find the wines you need for your future personal or professional meetings is of course to taste them at their producers. So, gentlemen, don't wait any longer and meet our winegrowers to find the right wine for you!

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