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Solemn moment when it comes to inviting the parents-in-law to dinner. The meal menu quickly takes on the appearance of a gourmet table, we put the little dishes in the big ones and then have a panic attack: but what are we drinking with all this?! Wine of course, but what colour? What region? What year? What if Daddy doesn't like the bottle I choose? In these moments of doubt, Les Grappes is there to guide you, so don't panic!

Bordeaux, the name

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Yes why not... the problem in Bordeaux is to find wines that are already a few years old and that are affordable in terms of price. One estate that stands out from the crowd and that has bluffed many, is Château de Reignac. Located in the Entre-deux-Mers region south of Bordeaux, this château has overtaken the Pétrus and other great Bordeaux wines in a blind tasting. For 23 euros you can get a bottle of their "prestige" cuvée Grand Vin de Bordeaux 2008. A wine with aromas of black fruit and woody aromas as offered by most Bordeaux wines. A bottle that may perhaps surprise stepfather without having to break his piggy bank with a great classified vintage!

Burgundy, elegance

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A good bottle of Burgundy, a roast veal and charming smiles and then, Beau-papa could almost crack...

Burgundy is pinot noir, delicate aromas of red fruit such as cherry or more evolved like undergrowth, depending on age but above all a great finesse. Wines that can be tasted excessively well if you also find the right estate and year. I will tell you well Clos de Vougeot or Romanée-Conti but it may be complicated in terms of wallets and rare unfortunately. To please you anyway, go and get the wines of Héritiers Saint-Genys or those of Château de Chamilly. You will find perfect wines for tasting between 10 and 20€ per bottle.

Rhone Valley, the character

chateauneuf - Blog Les Grappes

There, we will be able to find nuggets for Beau-papa and especially wines that he does not necessarily know. It is astonished with a white wine from the Rhone Valley like a Condrieu. François Villard, Yves Gangloff, Yves Cuilleron... breathtaking winegrowers who make exceptional wines at fair prices. There, Beau-papa risks being taped to the chair and stretching his glass when it is empty!

Character in this region can also be found in the south. Châteauneuf-du-pape, the star name of the valley. Powerful, tannic wines, which generally have "body". Bring the wild boar and chestnuts to the table! Domaine de Beaucastel, Domaine de la Janasse, Clos de l'oratoire des papes... here you will find structured but very pleasant wines. Prefer a few years on the label to have a little more "flexibility" in the mouth (2009, 2012).

Loire, vivacity

loire - Blog Les Grappes

Finally, if you have decided to serve him a tray of seafood to this dear Beau-papa or you know that he likes the wine "but not too strong", choose a white wine from the Loire. Chenin, a grape variety native to the region, offers lively wines, with a lot of freshness and little alcohol. A refreshing bottle such as La Frileuse du Clos du Tue Boeuf in natural wine or Patrick Baudouin's wines in Anjou, superb discoveries that will certainly seduce the whole table even if it is lacking!

With all these clues now it's up to you to play to impress handsome dad! And if he leaves with a face, it won't be because of the wine...! 😉

Marie Charlotte Antonini (for Les Grappes)17

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