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verres pétillant naturel

It's getting warm, the sun is already titillating our faces and mocking us without guilt during the day until we give in after work... we want to go for a drink!

Yeah, but what are we drinking anyway? We rely on traditional after-work beer to break the eternal subway-bout-dodo by adding an aperitif or do we innovate? By innovation, I mean forgetting the spritz or the rosé. Wouldn't we try something more festive? A natural sparkling wine, for example?

The method

Let's go back to the basics so that we are a little more in phase, it's a fairly simple ancestral method after all.

The grapes are picked and pressed, the juice will start an alcoholic fermentation. Once a certain amount of residual sugars has been reached, fermentation is stopped by the cold.

Then in the spring, the juices are bottled where it will resume and complete the fermentation.

So when we take stock, we have juice, yeast and residual sugar. Aren't we on a little nugget here?

bouteilles pet nat

Well yes a little bit, because the air of nothing, if there is indeed a method that symbolizes the commitment of an artisan on the search for the natural product, it could well be the natural sparkling, well, you will hear it, we quickly enough look at "Pet'Nat'"

In addition to pet'nat, we have something to enjoy, ranging from syrah to chenin and even other varieties that we love, clearly, the choice is wide.

The buddy bubble

What is also interesting is its price, quite affordable. It will not be similar to a champagne in aromatic typicity, but the bubble side will always have a festive side. !

And since it's accessible, let's face it, we won't hesitate twice to choose a small pet'nat. Whether it's just for a dinner for two or just to celebrate with friends, it will often be unanimously accepted.

So wouldn't we put aside the nonsense of the rosé-pamp style and go see our local wine store (or Les Grappes;)) to discover this affordable but above all ancestral effervescence, because vintage is chic!

The Pet'Nat selection of Les Grappes!

free mousse

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Pauline Roger for Les Grappes

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