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Everything you always wanted to know about wine but never dared to ask

Wine has been recognized since antiquity for its medicinal virtues and therapeutic use. Hippocrates said "wine is a wonderfully appropriate thing for man if, in health as in disease, it is administered with due and proper measure, according to the individual constitution". The antioxidants present in alcohol help to fight against certain diseases. The polyphenol contained in the seeds and the resveratrol contained in the vine are the antioxidants in wine. A good supply of natural antioxidants is recommended for disease prevention. The condition is not to exceed 1 to 2 glasses of wine per day. If these quantities are respected, the wine would help prevent certain cardiovascular diseases, slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and also strengthen the immune system. A man who drinks a glass of wine a day would have a life expectancy almost 4 years longer than someone who does not drink it. The important thing is to drink in moderation!

If wine is so good for our body, why shouldn't it be so good for our skin?

There is an area where the vine can be consumed without moderation! It is beauty with vinotherapy. It took several years of research and it took until 1999 to open the first spa offering vinotherapy treatments. In 1999, Caudalie and Château Smith Haut Laffite innovated and opened a spa in Bordeaux offering treatments based on grapes and their riches. They created Les Sources Caudalie. This concept began in Bordeaux but is now famous throughout the world.

What is vinotherapy?

The aim is to rejuvenate the skin with the help of the vine. Vinotherapy offers grape-based treatments, the virtues of grapes, seeds and vine leaves. The vine is anti-aging, preserves moisture and prevents pigment spots. We owe these benefits to several natural active ingredients found in the heart of the grape. Vine seeds are known for their richness in trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

The grape is very rich in polyphenol which gives radiance and youth to the skin. It is an antioxidant that works by capturing free radicals that are responsible for the aging of skin cells and preventing the destruction of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the guarantor of your youth, it moisturizes and restores the skin. The problem is that with age the stock of this natural molecule decreases and wrinkles appear. Polyphenol is derived from grape seeds and gives a rounded appearance to the skin. It also promotes skin microcirculation.

Resveratrol is also highly prized in the vineyard. It fights against skin ageing and promotes cell regeneration. It stimulates our collagen and elastin production and fights against glycation, a process that accelerates skin ageing.

The last natural active ingredient present in grapes and used by vinotherapy is vine sap viniferine. It is an even more effective anti-stain agent than vitamin C. It prevents the overproduction of melanin, also regulates it to prevent the appearance of spots and correct them. It gives radiance to the skin and illuminates the complexion. Viniférine beats all records in terms of efficiency against stains.

The spas offering vinotherapy include all the techniques of vine care: baths, massages, masks, scrubs, wraps. Everything is good in the vineyard! This makes it possible to offer a large number of treatments and seduce wine therapy lovers.

Wine therapy has seduced more than one person. Today, the list of spas offering vinotherapy treatments is long. All these wine therapy spas are an oenotouristic experience that benefits the wine-growing regions and also the winegrowers. What is interesting about these spas is that vinotherapy offers care, but the experience in the spas is much more complete than that. The complementary activities following the treatments allow you to get to know the wine better, to discover the terroir, those who make it, and to taste it. Tasting wine is also the best way to build a person's loyalty. Vinotherapy is more than just care, it is an opportunity for wine tourism by highlighting the vine and the whole wine-growing region.

Lou Dubois for Les Grappes

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