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For this moment in the Rhône Valley, Laetitia Allemand is taking us on board in the AOC des Costières de Nîmes. Surrounded by the garrigues to the north and the ponds of the Petite Camargue to the south, the vines of the appellation are located on a set of small hills and plateaus.

Focus on this ancient and exceptional vineyard!

A vineyard under good influence

This area is often likened to a link between Provence and the Camargue, since there are soils of rolled pebbles, typically Rhodanian, and a Mediterranean climate. The vineyard benefits from the maritime influence of the Camargue, which provides it with a refreshing thermal breeze, and from the purifying role of the Mistral.

In terms of respect for the environment and landscape protection, the AOC winegrowers are rather advanced. Indeed, the appellation has 20% of its vineyards organically grown!

The diverse influences of the vineyard thus allow the winegrowers to concoct a pretty variety of wines, mainly red, even if the whites and rosés are also very pleasant!

An ancient vineyard

The Romans left many traces in the area of the Costières de Nîmes Indeed, Oppidum, aqueducts, castrum, scatter the landscape. In Roman times, Nîmes was an important city in the ancient world, as evidenced by the presence of many Roman monuments.

Near Beaucaire, it is thus possible to taste ancient wines, enhanced with honey, spices, flowers, plants or even sea water. Particular aromas that leave no one indifferent!

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