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Christopher Coutanceau, a double starred chef, works only with local and seasonal products. He teaches his team that "exceptional products make your meal exceptional" and that a chef must be equal to his raw materials. That's why he also wants to use his products completely so as not to waste anything.

"This dish corresponds to our geographical location, here in La Rochelle, we have to work with local products. The line bass is a noble fish and one of the king fishes of the region. It is accompanied by bouquet shrimps, small local shrimps, and a variation of celery boule, a seasonal root vegetable whose aniseed aromas bring out the marine flavours of the dish. It's really a plate based on the ocean. «

In partnership with MoiChef (a box to learn to cook like a great chef), Les Grappes offers you a very fine recipe from this chef, and its wine accord, elaborated around the Line Bar, shrimp, celery, all decorated with a fish sauce, seasonal ingredients for this promising dish!

Discover Christopher Coutanceau's recipe

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